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Glass Door Repair Miami, FL: Tips And Tweaks

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Glass Door Repair Near Me

When do you require glass door repair in Miami, FL? If the sliding glass door in your home is more than ten years old, you may notice that it is getting more and more difficult to open. The doors are heavier due to their double pane of glass, and many aluminum units do not use stainless steel runners. So now you need to repair it.

Could you search for a glass door repair near me?

If you have been looking for glass door repair near me, here is a summary of how you can fix your sliding glass door.

In many cases, the runners rust from moisture and start to buckle. You will need to separate the sliding panel from the opening to replace the runners. In most cases, the fixed panel must remove the sliding panel. There is a simple way to determine if your fixed panel should come out or not. 

If the sliding panel is on the inside section and the fixed panel is on the outside section, you must remove both panels since the sliding panel will only come out from the outside. There is a lip that is at the bottom of the inner rail. This rim prevents water from entering. Unfortunately, this lip also makes it difficult to remove the sliding panel. So you need to remove the fixed panel first, and then remove the sliding panel from the outside. 

If your door has a sliding panel on the outer track, you can lift it without removing the fixed panel.

But let’s assume you have to remove the fixed panel first. Here’s what to do: 

  • Remove the screen of your door. This door will have two corridors below it all. 
  • Lift one side of the door with one hand while using a Flathead screwdriver to pry the runner up from the track. Take the door out and set it aside. 
  • Find a piece of metal on the bottom rail that goes from the corner of the fixed panel to the bottom rail and reaches the point where the weft is.
  • Once you’ve removed that piece, you’ll need to look inside the house where the fixed panel is attached to the wall. Look for the screws that are holding the panel in place and remove to put them where you know you won’t lose them. 
  • Now pop the fixed panel out of place. There’s a good chance it’s stuck. If it is, grab the center rail near the bottom and lift it as hard as possible. If you feel the entire panel lift, then lower it. Do this several times, and then try to get it off the side back. 
  • Once you can get it out of the side latch, grab the panel on one side and have a helper grab the other. Lift the panel and flip it back and forth. Remove the panel and set it aside.
  • Now you can try to lift the sliding panel, just like you did with the fixed panel. Check to see if the runners on the other panel are preventing you from lifting the fixed panel. In most cases, this will be the cause. But, if the opening in the rails is too large, sometimes the headboard that runs through the opening will have squeezed against the panels.
  • If they are the corridors, you will only have to get up next to the door to remove the entire structure. Look for a small hole at the bottom where you can put a screwdriver and find the set screw. 
  • If you can get one side of the panel out, have the helper support this side with his foot, so it doesn’t snap back into position while you try to lift the fixed side.
  • Lift door into place, install fixed panel but do not re-fit bottom to door, and do not install interior screws. Then, lift the runner up from inside the house and pull it closed. You’d better not drag the door if you haven’t installed the runner. You will be able to drag the bottom rail. Just lift it enough to take the pressure off and close it.

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