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Fresh Home Essentials For A New Year

by Team Techvilly
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I love being in the kitchen. I generally prefer to bake more than cook, but really anything in the kitchen is usually pretty enjoyable for me.

Well, except reaching elbows deep into a turkey to remove the innards. I could do without that. 

I’ve often thought it could be helpful to round up some of my personal favorite kitchen tools incase you are needing to buy a housewarming gift soon or simply need to upgrade your gear.

A small turner is perfect for getting brownies out of a 8×8 pan, or even sliding under small cookies. I use this turner more than any other turner in Essentials Shop my kitchen! Another tool that I reach for over any other is this double ended spatula. It’s simply the exact right length that I need, and being able to choose the size is a nice feature as well!

I recently updated the containers I have my flour and sugars in and these tall containers that I found on Amazon are great. They seal really well so your brown sugar won’t become hard, and they hold a great amount of the ingredient.

Love avocado? Then you need this tool. It slices the skin, gives you an easy way to remove the seed, and then provides an area to evenly slice the halves. It’s a multipurpose tool that anyone who eats avocado will love.

If you are scooping cookie dough with a table Essentials Hoodies spoon, I urge you to get one of these spring loaded cookie scoops! I have 3 sizes and use all three throughout the year. They are also great for scooping muffin batter into muffin tins evenly! Just don’t use them for ice cream–it’s too stiff and will bend the mechanism.

Finally, I saw this silicone utensil rest at my sister’s house and ordered one for myself immediately. It comes in a two pack, can be thrown in the Kid Cudi Merch dishwasher, and is a much better option than resting any tools on a paper towel!


With my move coming up, plus a new year ushering out the year from H-E-L-L, I have been feeling like I want a fresh start to everything, right down to my freakin’ mixing bowls. As I pack things up, I’m like, “a new house deserves new towels and sheets! And new glassware! And new mugs! Yes, matching mugs will make me a much happier, more responsible person!”

And while that isn’t true, it does impact how you feel in your space. Clutter and shabby things make me feel stressed and down. Something as small as fresh dishtowels can really actually make an impact! So today I partnered with Nordstrom to show you their awesome range of home goods (I am especially keen on the new Five Two by Food52 label). Click images for links…. now back to filling my cart!!!

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