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Ways to Fix a Call Failed Message on Your iPhone

by Uneeb Khan
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Making or receiving a call is the most important and common way to communicate with each other, but what do you do when the “Call failed” message repeatedly appears on your screen and you are unable to make a  call? This may be quite frustrating and somehow you want to fix the iPhone call failed issue.

Do you want to resolve the call failed issue on your iPhone?

Well, this post will help you out in order to fix the issue.

Reasons Behind the Call Failed Issue

There may be a couple of reasons why are my calls failing issue. We have figured it out 

  • The most common reason for the call failure issue is a poor signal to your network in that specific region from where you want to make a call.
  • The another is there may be your sim card gets damaged and you will be unable to make a call.
  • Sometimes there may be some software bugs that make calls fail on your iPhone.

How to Fix Call Failed Issue on Your iPhone

Here we will discuss some common ways to resolve the iphone call failed issue.

  • Turn Airplane mode off on your iPhone and turn it on again, smaller bugs may be removed and you will be able to make a call.
  • Next, you can restart your iPhone as it may unblock the obstacles causing the issue.
  • Sometimes just setting a correct Date and time will resolve the issue.
  • Try to move to another place as there may be a strong signal from your mobile operator and you can make a call.
  • Make sure you have not blocked that particular number earlier from your phone.
  • Remove and reinsert your sim card to get rid of the call failed issue on your iphone as improper sim card settings may hinder you to make a call.
  • Updating the carrier settings on your iphone may remove the hindrance that is responsible for call failed issue on your iPhone.
  • You can reset your phone to Factory reset, to fix the issue, but you may lose some of your data.
  • Dialing *# 31# may be the easiest way to fix the issue.

So, guys, we have provided you with the most common and easiest way to resolve call failed iphone issue. If still you are unable to make a call then don’t hesitate to contact the Apple support team to fix the issue.

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