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Custom Mailer Boxes And Their Popular Types

by Team Techvilly
Mailer Boxes

Since they are primarily used to store and transport goods, mailer boxes are the preferred option for online businesses and subscription box providers. Its interlocking flaps and wings make installation simpler and maintain the box’s security without always requiring adhesive tape to close it. Because its double-sided walls make it more vital to transport than another paperboard packaging, it is also the preferred option for many subscription box businesses.

Types of Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes

If your e-commerce company delivers directly to clients, you know how crucial it is for your goods to arrive without incident. Regular cardboard boxes are a conventional, great approach to keep your items safe and protected from harm during delivery. They are not always required, though. Switching to Wholesale Mailer Boxes might help you save significant money when delivering compact, sturdy items. Mailers are often less expensive to buy, lighter, and less costly to send. They come in several varieties, and each variant is made with a specific goal in mind. Whether your goods require water resistance, protective cushioning, or a competitive edge, mailer boxes have you covered. Below are some of the available types of mailers are given below:

Mailer Boxes

Corrugated Mailer Packaging

At heart, corrugated cardboard mailers are a smaller version of the dependable cardboard box. Our small box mailers ultimately imply less material and less dimensional shipping costs, even if you still need typical boxing supplies like void fill, padding, and tape to thoroughly safeguard your items. These boxes are assured to offer sufficient protection for tiny, delicate products during the shipping process since they are lightweight, robust, and durable. They are available in several sizes, styles, colors, and forms.

Bubble Mailer Packaging 

Bubble Mailer Packaging is a strong, lightweight, cushioned, affordable mailing alternative. They are perfect for transporting promotional materials, books, stationery, DVDs, electronics, and other compact, durable objects that must be protected from damage. The robust self-sealing strip that bubbles Mailer Packaging has also removed the need for adhesive. Find these Mailer Packaging in various sizes that will fit your goods, in either brown Kraft or white.

Poly Mailer Packaging 

Polyethylene Mailer Packaging, commonly referred to as poly Mailer Packaging, comes in a wide range of sizes and designs. Poly Bubble Mailer Packaging, tear-proof Mailer Packaging, lengthy Mailer Packaging, clear view Mailer Packaging, expansion Mailer Packaging, returnable Mailer Packaging, and even unique colored poly Mailer Packaging are some of these designs. Poly Mailer Packaging is a dependable and durable solution for transporting your goods because they are resistant to weather, tampering, and ripping. Clothing, bedclothes, and other soft items are invulnerable to damage, while transportation is the most significant candidate for poly Mailer Packaging. Due to its cushioning and weather-resistant qualities, the bubble version of this Mailer Packaging is perfect for books, documents, and other vital paper products. Tape and packing labels are unnecessary, thanks to the sturdy self-sealing strips.

Flat Mailer Packaging & Chipboard Mailer Packaging 

Chipboard and flat Mailer Packaging are robust, long-lasting, and lightweight, perfect for essential mailing papers, periodicals, certificates, pictures, and other items. These Mailer Packaging’s construction and content prevent irreplaceable documents from being folded, distorted, or otherwise harmed. These Mailer Packaging are offered in various sizes and three color options: brown Kraft, white, and black. In addition, multiple designs are available, such as self-sealing, tab lock closure, and even gusseted Mailer Packaging for more extensive, bulkier goods.

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Rigid Mailer Packaging 

In terms of usage, rigid wholesale mailer boxes are comparable to flat/chipboard Mailer Packaging since they are built of laminated Kraft fiberboard. They are great for essential papers, art pieces, pictures, and more. They are ideal for protecting your shipment from wrinkles, bends, folds, and other damages while saving you money on expenditures. They come in various sizes, including a sturdy self-sealing flap and a tear strip to make them accessible for your clients to open.

Mailer Boxes

Glamour Mailer Packaging 

Glamour Mailer Packaging is a fantastic way for companies to wow their clients and differentiate themselves from the competition. These Mailer Packaging are available in various colors, such as gold, green, black, purple, silver, red, and blue. The protective bubble liner can be ordered with or without the product that your company distributes. In addition, the self-sealing flap on these glamorous Mailer Packaging eliminates the need for tape and streamlines the packaging procedure.

Padded Mailer Packaging 

Padded Mailer Packaging is robust, portable, and water-resistant. They include fiber cushioning that swells and absorbs shock to safeguard your goods while in transportation. They are the perfect shipping option for goods like electronics, cell phones, literature, and other things that require a little additional security. They are offered in various sizes and colors, including white and brown kraft.

Eco-Friendly Mailer Packaging 

Consumers are increasingly aware of their purchases’ impact on the environment nowadays. If you employ sustainable, eco-friendly practices inside your firm, customers are more inclined to buy and support your goods. Sending your customers’ orders in environmentally friendly packaging is one of the most acceptable ways to show them that you are committed to finding sustainable solutions. We offer robust, long-lasting wholesale mailer boxes that safeguard the environment in addition to your products. They come in various styles, including regular, gusseted, and reinforced. Self-sealing flaps on our ecologically friendly envelopes mean no need for tape.

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