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Chiropratic: Result is well worth

by Uneeb Khan
Chiropratic: Result is well worth

I had an illogical fear that a chiropractor would crack my neck and leave me crippled. I had a 5 year old neck injury from weightlifting that restricted my range of motion and caused terrible neck spasms that prevented me from sleeping in any posture or with any level of support. I also suffered two ruptured discs that were quite painful. It affected my daily life, work, and emotions, and I could not sit for longer than 10 minutes or enjoy a meal. Besides surgery, I’ve tried everything and had reached a point of desperation, requiring a miracle rather than surgery.

On a recent evening, the pain was so intense that I was on the verge of tears and unable to move. Novomed’s chiropractic clinic was the only person I could trust to help me address my concerns.

I have been visiting them for years for all medical check-ups, and I know from experience how professional they are. The booking process is always smooth, and they care a lot about punctuality to make the best of your time.

The reception staff was really courteous and accommodating, prepping me for my appointment with my chiropractor and assisting me with stretches, workout advice, and follow-up appointments.

I am incredibly grateful to have worked with the best chiropractor in Dubai! She listened to me and provided suggestions without pressuring me or doing anything I did not want. My chiropractor was really attentive and compassionate, and she helped my injured back feel much better. She released the muscles and tissues surrounding my inflamed sciatica, made adjustments, and massaged my spine, which was quite helpful. She is an expert in her field, and I would highly recommend her.

Immediately after my first visit and consultation, I felt ten years younger in every aspect! I regained my range of motion and felt physically stronger. My regular sessions have continued, and my energy continues to be better and better. I would recommend Novomed’s clinic to anyone. It is the best treatment that

someone may receive. I am grateful to my physician for reminding me that health is wealth, and I appreciate your warm welcome.

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