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Best Truck Accident Lawyers in Chicago

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best truck accident lawyers in Chicago

The best truck accident lawyers in Chicago, based on the performance they have shown in Chicago Below are the following list of top accident lawyers:

Balke & Williams

A legal firm for personal injuries that serves families and individuals in the Chicago region is known as Balke & Williams. They represent clients in a variety of lawsuits that involve car, truck and motorcycle accidents. It also handles cases of wrongful death and that involve drivers who are uninsured or underinsured. The lawyers of the company provide advocate for the client to obtain the most lucrative settlement for the victims. The firm employs a financial expert as well as an office manager who is proficient in Spanish and Polish to assist with translation requirements. The address is Crystal Lake, IL 60014, Chicago.

Berenz Law Network

The Chicago-based Berenz Law Network assists accident and injury victims from the region and nearby Illinois communities. It represents those injured by a truck, car or motorbike collisions. It also handles medical negligence, the abuse of nursing facilities, workers’ injury compensation and product liability, as well as Social Security disability denial. Phil Berenz, the company’s founder, is also recognized as a pro-hac vice judge in the federal courts of Virginia as well as Florida as well as California. The address is 33 ND Street, Suite 1000, Chicago.

The Law Office of Joseph Younes, P.C

The mission of the Chicago truck accident lawyer chicagoaccidentattorney.net is to help accident victims get the monetary compensation to which they are entitled under the law. You can count on them to investigate your accident thoroughly and build a convincing argument to ensure you receive the most amount of compensation.

Anyone involved in a car accident could suffer unpleasant consequences. More than a family car or SUV, heavy commercial vehicles can weigh over the weight of 80,000 pounds. These massive trucks pose the risk of death or serious physical injury.

Chicago truck accident lawyer chicagoaccidentattorney.net is available to help you in a time of need. They will conduct an extensive inquiry to find out who is responsible for the accident and if anyone was negligent, like the driver of the truck or the trucking company.

Finn Law Firm Finn Law Firm

Finn Law Firm Finn Law Firm serves clients who have been injured in truck accidents in the Chicago metropolitan area. The firm usually assists clients seeking compensation for medical expenses and to compensate for lost wages due to an inability to work for a short or long period of time. to work. A lot of clients suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of accidents caused by negligent truck drivers. In the course of negotiations and trial it acts as an advisor and advocate. Medical misconduct and workplace accidents are also professional areas. Finn Law Firm Finn Law Firm located in IL 60602 in Chicago.

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TorHoerman Law Firm

People who have been injured or affected by accidents involving trucks can seek assistance by The Chicago-based TorHoerman Law Group. The well-known truck accident lawyers located in Chicago are well-versed about a variety of truck accidents and can assist clients in evaluating options for legal action depending on the particular circumstances of each accident. Legal claims are filed which seek to pay medical expenses associated to collision-related injuries, loss of earnings due to being unable work, as well as other damages, such as property damage. The address is IL 60606, Chicago.


Choosing a truck accident lawyer with expertise in cases similar to yours is crucial since there are many kinds of truck accident cases. Don’t hurry into hiring a truck accident attorney; instead, do thorough interviews with many different candidates and evaluate their fees, experience, and service offerings. You must choose an experienced lawyer specializing in truck accidents to protect you and your interests. From  these best truck accident lawyers, you can choose the best lawyer in Chicago who will fight on your behalf.

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