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Best Time To Visit Singapore – Weather, Temperature & Season

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best time to visit singapore

Are you planning a Singapore trip and finding the best time to visit Singapore? Then find all the details in this blog. 

Singapore’s location close to the north of the equator results in a year-round tropical climate. Due to the bright weather, there exists no variations between seasons here. However, whenever temperatures in Singapore get very hot, periodic downpours provide some relief. Temperatures vary between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius. Singapore sees sporadic rainfall throughout the year, and tourists may sometimes observe thunderstorms. While your Singapore cruise tour packages from Roaming Routes, check the best time to visit Singapore from India.

Now, let’s check some of the best seasons and times to visit Singapore. 

Best time to visit Singapore: December to Early March

The average temperature may fluctuate during these months between 30 and 24 °C. Additionally, there is constant precipitation, starting December till early January. In actuality, December is the perfect month to visit Singapore to see its main attractions and attend its magnificent festivals because of the pleasant weather. So you consider this as the best time to visit Singapore.

Because Christmas, New Year’s, and the Chinese New Year fall in December and January, the season is very festive and joyful. Moreover, one may witness and appreciate Singapore’s vibrancy during this time. Singapore’s wettest month is December, with precipitation ranging from 63mm to 766mm. If you’re considering a trip during this period, there is no cause for concern. You may still visit Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations without difficulty.

In addition, this is the ideal time to travel to Singapore and see the country’s traditional and cultural aspects. Because the weather is favourable, you may purchase and visit cafés to the utmost extent. Further, this is the peak tourist season. Therefore you could expect large visitor numbers, especially during festivals. Also, arrange Singapore accommodations in advance to avoid last-minute problems.

Best Time To Visit In Singapore: Late March to May

Being the year’s warmest time, with temperatures reaching 32 degrees and sporadic thunderstorms. Additionally, the weather remains sunny with little precipitation. This is the best time to visit Singapore if you despise severe rainfall. During these months, Singapore offers an abundance of activities, such as sightseeing and exploring several areas of this lovely place.

In addition, this is the perfect time to visit Singapore since you can participate in various entertaining activities, including the Singapore River Safari, cable car, and the Adventure Cove Waterpark. There’s even more! In Singapore’s numerous districts, you may see a variety of fascinating festivals and events.

Furthermore, despite the greater temperatures, this is the best season to visit Singapore if you like food, art, and shopping. As the Northeast Monsoons shift, the weather becomes brighter and less gloomy. During this period, several festivals and activities of importance are held. This is the most fantastic period to visit Singapore, according to experts. Therefore, plan your trip and lodging arrangements during one of these months.

Best Time To Visit In Singapore: June to September

Due to the favourable atmosphere throughout these months, Singapore offers a variety of intriguing and unique events. The nation hosts some of the most prominent and beautiful cuisine events. The Southwest Monsoons of Singapore begin in June with fewer precipitation and storms. Expect plentiful sunshine and excellent conditions. Moreover, long, sunny days are perfect for beachgoing, boating, sightseeing, and shopping.

Additionally, the Great Singapore Sale, a renowned shopping extravaganza not to be missed, makes June in Singapore delightful. You may enhance your trip without surpassing your budget if you visit during these months. Since July-August is the lowest tourist season, it is the cheapest and most convenient time to visit Singapore.

Best Time To Visit In Singapore: October to November

During this time, fewer people make it easier for you to tour the area. And if you dislike crowds, now is the most fantastic time to visit Singapore. Nonetheless, be careful to take items to combat the humidity and thunderstorms.

This period receives more precipitation than the monsoons at the year’s outset. Expect strong thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and early evening. The expected average temperature is 33 degrees. In addition, the climate remains slightly humid and less windy. In addition, tourist excursions may include cruises, a night safari, and a visit to the S.E.A. Aquarium. Further, you may attend numerous cultural festivals and festivities. The vibrant Deepavali festival is another incentive to visit Singapore at this time.


Singapore is a year-round place. However, the best time to visit Singapore is through December and June. The months of February through April lie within Singapore’s dry period and are often marked by minimal rainfall, low humidity, and abundant sunlight.

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