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Awesome Tips to Run Instagram Giveaways that Inspire

by Team Techvilly

Hosting a promotion campaign is an excellent way to enhance Instagram engagement and exposure. Instagram has a high level of competition, so boosting the awareness of your brand can be quite difficult.

 In addition to delighting your current followers, giveaways have proven to be a successful marketing strategy for attracting new ones.

Instagram giveaways work on the principle that followers receive something for free in exchange for completing some predetermined requirements.

Why should you consider hosting a giveaway?

You can significantly expand your reach through an Instagram contest that is well planned. Buy Instagram followers UK can also become more loyal and you can increase your brand engagement with better marketing.

Your supporters will feel closer to you after participating in a giveaway event. The followings are the benefits of giveaways:

  • Enhancing relationships
  • Brings in new followers
  • Improving the image of your brand

How to host a successful Instagram Giveaway?

Instagram contests that inspire followers need a significant level of strategy. To achieve a successful giveaway, one must clearly define the goal. The workflow includes these steps.

●     Choosing the giveaway prize

The first step is to choose the prize, experience, or product you wish to offer. A product can be given away as part of brand promotion. It’s essential to choose a giveaway that will be of interest to your audience.

For a brand to drive Instagram engagement, the prize needs to be enticing to the audience. Make sure you offer something valuable as well as on-brand.

It is possible to inspect your Instagram Insights using interest targeting to see what type of content is more relevant to your active Instagram likes UK based on their interests.

●     Identify the purpose of the contest on Instagram.

It is only after understanding the goal of the prize contest that you can create an impactful campaign. Freebies can be used to boost sales, increase visibility, or increase followers.

●     Setting the criteria for entry.

It is possible to set entry criteria in a variety of ways for your giveaway. Your ultimate goal will also determine this. Your current Instagram followers UK can be asked to tag their friends to receive the giveaway so that you can increase your following.

For giveaways hosted in partnership with brands, you can offer giveaway items to visitors who follow the brand’s page.

●     Follow the Instagram guidelines while hosting a giveaway

Follow Instagram’s guidelines in this regard to ensure a smooth giveaway event. When organizing a giveaway contest, remember the following:

  1. Provide clear, precise rules for the giveaway
  2. Establish eligibility criteria
  3. Be sure to include any age, nationality, or other regulations.

Post captions or comments should include this information.

●     Brand partnership

Hosting a giveaway event with a brand offers many advantages. It can bring traffic to a user’s account; and provide a great platform for aligning with peers and new partners. The image of new brands can be boosted by partnering with established ones.

●     Include hashtags

Increase visibility on the platform by adding hashtags to the giveaway post. Create awareness about the giveaway by using compelling and creative hashtags that appear on the explore channel.

●     Include a time limit

Create a sense of importance among your audience by setting a time limit. They are also more likely to enter the contest quickly if given this incentive.

Time limits can be included in the captions of giveaway posts or Instagram stories. Once the contest has ended, create a post announcing its closure.

●     Promoting the giveaway contest

Linked to the Instagram post, you can advertise the contest on other social media sites. When planning the launch, make sure the content is launched during times when users are most likely to engage with it.

 To expand your audience, you can also use the Instagram ads feature. A contest’s ease of entry should be explained. Not only should the post attract the audience, but it should also reach those most likely to sign up.

●     Tracking of Results

Having selected a victor, it’s time to reevaluate the outcome of the giveaway competition. You can make future giveaway Instagram campaigns more effective by observing the impact the giveaway process has on the predetermined goal.

With Instagram Insights, you can see how well the event went by looking at Discovery and Interaction reports.

Common Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Instagram freebie contests can be hosted in a variety of ways, depending on your goals.

To enter the contest, participants must perform some action. Several actions should be taken, including:

1.   Like-to-win

This is a popular way of holding giveaways in which followers must like a particular post to qualify for the contest. Engagement will eventually increase as a result.

2.   Tag a friend

The comment section of your giveaway post can be used to ask your active Instagram followers UK to tag a friend. They will qualify for the contest, and you will gain new followers by tagging them.

3.   Like and share

Hosting a giveaway using a like and repost method is another way to make it a viral success. Due to this, your page will be easier to find.

4.   Follow-to-win

To be eligible for the giveaway prize, your audience only needs to follow the brand page. It is easy to gain a larger following this way.

5.   Photo contest

This is a unique way to conduct a giveaway. To advertise a specific item or service, invite your followers to submit a photo. To increase your brand’s visibility across platforms, ask your followers to use hashtags related to it.

6.   ‘Caption this’

A new social media trend is called ‘Caption this.’ A caption is left blank and comments are added by users as a suggestion. Take advantage of your audience by organizing a ‘caption this to win’ competition.

Tools for Instagram Giveaways

A variety of tools are easily accessible these days to help you with organizing and running your Instagram contest. Here are a few:

  • Worriesse:

Both Instagram and your website will be able to run the Instagram campaign.

  • SweepWidget:

Promoting the giveaway through SweepWidget is easy. It supports over 90 entry methods, including Instagram and Facebook.

  • Gleam:

Provides real-time tracking of contests.

  • Wishpond:

Generates better leads by automating giveaways and contests.

  • Shortstack:

A complete tool for running giveaway contests, from planning to execution

  • Vyper:

Referral campaigns and giveaway contests can be managed through this tool

  • Viral Loops:

In addition to launch-day waitlists, email campaigns, and referral tools for organizing giveaways, this tool includes many additional features as well.

To grow your brand, you can host Instagram giveaways. You can successfully run a giveaway contest with the tips and framework provided in this article.


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It is important to follow the framework above to ensure that you end up with a giveaway on Instagram that will draw the right participants, achieve your goals, and stay within the guidelines for Instagram promotions.

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