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Autoinjectors Market: Changing Technology for Drug Delivery

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Autoinjectors are a special class of drug-delivery devices designed to administer a particular dose of the drug, enabling precise and uniform administration to the patients. These advanced injectors have revolutionized the conventional drug administration of low-volume parenteral drugs. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases. According to the National Health Interview Survey, close to 52% of the adult population in the United States has been diagnosed with chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes. On average, the annual cost of managing chronic diseases is around USD 3.7 trillion. The majority of the expenses have been made to manage disease conditions, which are further driven by the increasing demand requirement for frequent hospital visits.

Furthermore, regular visits further create challenges in patient compliance, and they often need help with treatment. To overcome these challenges, several pharmaceutical companies developed autoinjectors or self-administering devices. Autoinjectors have been designed with additional features such as integrated needle safety and monitoring injection dose history, enabling healthcare experts to resolve the issues of injection-related compliance. As the demand for self-administering devices continues to expand, the autoinjectors market will grow in the future.

An Overview of the Autoinjectors Market

Currently, the autoinjector market features 25 auto injector manufacturers who have required expertise in developing advanced self-administering devices. Autoinjectors developing companies manufactured more than 90 autoinjectors to deliver drugs. Given the significance of autoinjectors, several market players have launched products in combination with autoinjectors for managing a wide array of disease indications. One of the most popular recognized autoinjectors that has been developed in the market is EpiPen® (Mylan). This autoinjector is prefilled with epinephrine, and EpiPen received approval from the FDA in 2018. Some more notable examples include Fasenra® Pen (AstraZeneca), Gvoke® Hypopen (Xeris Pharmaceuticals), NUCALA Autoinjector (GlaxoSmithKline), and Vyleesi™ Autoinjector (AMAG Pharmaceuticals® / Palatin Technologies).

Current Advancement in Autoinjectors

Earlier, autoinjectors were designed on spring mechanisms that may lead to generating inappropriate force on the injecting area, resulting in incorrect dosing. To overcome this challenge, several autoinjector market researchers have begun to design autoinjectors with liquefied gas, such as liquefied hydrofluoroalkane (HFA). This liquefied gas offers constant force to deliver drugs to the precise site, resulting in safe and efficient delivery. Moreover, autoinjectors powered with HFA require minimal force in comparison to other spring autoinjectors. As a result, the syringe is subjected to less stress, which reduces force fluctuation during medication administration.

Future Trends in the Autoinjectors Market

Autoinjector market stakeholders continue to leverage advanced technology to provide innovative drug delivery solutions for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Some of the upcoming trends in the autoinjectors market are as follows:

▪         Needle Free Autoinjectors Designs

Pharmaceutical companies have widely adopted advancements in needle technology to improve patient comfort and safety. Several market players have come up with needle injection designs that reduce the risk of needlestick injuries, ensuring safe administration without requiring health experts. An example of needle-free autoinjectors includes the ZENEO® system, which is a nitrocellulose propellant-based gas generator with an actuator.

▪         Smart Autoinjectors

Automation and digitization are the notable trends that are incorporated in pharmaceutical companies. In the future, autoinjector market players may develop smart autoinjectors with extensive features such as Bluetooth connectivity, dose tracking, and mobile applications for tracking the data to improve patient adherence and offer valuable data to healthcare professionals. The data collected through digital devices allow healthcare experts to tailor dosages according to patient requirements.

▪         Personalized Autoinjectors

The autoinjector market is witnessing advanced trends to improve patient outcomes. Several industrial stakeholders are currently emphasizing the development of personalized drug delivery systems that meet the specific dosage requirements of the patients. Customization of autoinjectors helps to improve the accuracy of drug dosage and efficient delivery, enabling patients to self-administer doses effortlessly.

Technological Advancements in the Autoinjectors Market

The Autoinjector market is witnessing technological innovations to meet the growing demand for safe drug delivery options and the expanding scope of autoinjector applications. As the healthcare sectors continue to prioritize patient-centric solutions, advanced autoinjectors play an essential role in reshaping the future of drug administering services, offering precision and safety.

▪         High Viscosity Drugs

Currently, biopharmaceuticals, such as biologics and high-viscosity treatments, are also compatible with autoinjectors. The ongoing treatments require advancements in injectable technology to guarantee these drugs are delivered in a correct manner. The goal of these advanced technologies in injection safety, such as needle guards and injection confirmation systems, is to reduce the risk of unintentional needle stick injuries and increase overall safety.

▪         User-Friendly Interfaces

Autoinjector market players are emphasizing user-friendly designs with advanced interfaces. To improve the entire user experience and make it simpler for patients to self-administer drugs, companies have incorporated clear instructions, ergonomic designs, and streamlined injection procedures.

Top Players Active in the Autoinjectors Market

Some of the top autoinjectors market players who are currently emphasizing the delivery of advanced autoinjectors include:

⬝        Antares Pharma

⬝        Bespak

⬝        DALI Medical Devices

⬝        Elcam Medical

⬝        Jiangsu Delfu Medical Devices

⬝        Oval Medical Technologies

⬝        Owen Mumford

⬝        SHL Group

⬝        Union Medico

⬝        Ypsomed

Recent Developments in Autoinjectors Markets

Some of the recent developments and research activities that have taken place in the autoinjector market are outlined below.

⬝     In August 2023, Taisho Pharmaceutical received FDA approval for the manufacturing and commercialization of Nanozora® 30 mg autoinjectors that are planned to be used for the treatment of patients who have rheumatoid arthritis.

⬝     In May 2023, Boehringer Ingelheim announced the approval of the Cyltezo® Pen auto-injector by the FDA, used for patients suffering from chronic inflammatory disorders.

⬝      In May 2023, MoonLake inked a collaboration deal with SHL Medical for the development of autoinjectors for the clinical and commercial supply of Nnaobody® sonelokimab developed by MoonLake.

Autoinjectors Market: Looking Into the Future

The increase in the number of patients suffering from chronic conditions has led to a rise in demand for self-administering devices for disease management. In line with this, several autoinjector market players are searching for advanced solutions to deliver drug dosage conveniently to patients. Many device developers are already making efforts to incorporate connection into their products, which presents a wonderful opportunity. In order to aid with better treatment regimens, this will make it feasible to monitor injection data using data analytics and visualization websites.

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