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AndroRat Apk Free Download For Android [Updated 2022]

by Team Techvilly
AndroRat Apk Free Download For Android [Updated 2022]

I am here with another awesome android app called “Androrat”. This software is also very helpful and helpful for those Android users who have lost their phones.

Because the tracking app can get any kind of information about your phones like call logs, contacts, GPS location and much more.

Actually, this can be done if you know or remember the IMEI number of your phone. Because it allows you to track your mobile location through the IMEI of your mobiles.

About Androrat

Mainly, this app is developed for educational purpose as well as ethical hacking purpose. Unfortunately, AndroRat can be easily exploited for unethical hacking purposes.

Therefore, I strongly advise users that they should not use it for such activities, because such a thing may lead to putting them behind bars.

It falls under the category of tools developed by a company called DDT. It is an amazing tool to get all the information about any Android smartphone or tablet by remote access. So you can get the latest version of AndroRat Apk for Android from here in this article.

How does Andro Rat work?

It is a software that allows you to recover all available data on the victim’s phone. But remember that you can only apply it on Android phones. This can be done by gaining remote access to the victim’s phone.

Basically, you can call it as an Android device hacking app that allows you to hack Android phones. Generally, it is not that easy to hack any Android phone until the victim makes some mistakes.

It works in two main ways: the first is that if the victim is using your WiFi network, then they can gain access or recover data via AndroRat software.

While the second method is simple but hard to execute because in this method you can create fake Apk file. So when the victim installs that app or Apk file on his smartphone then he can easily recover all his information or data from it.

What can you do using AndroRat?

As I have already said, this tool is very useful because it allows you to monitor all the actions that have been performed on that phone.

You can not only monitor phone activities but also can perform so many tasks on victim’s phone right from your PC or laptop using AndroRat.

You can take photos, you can open the browser and serve the Internet to open any kind of URL. Apart from that, you can send messages and much more.

However, I just want to make it clear to you that there is no such AndroRat Apk package available for Android phones anywhere in the app stores.

However, there is a kind of Apk guide with the same name that has some basic instructions written in Russian in almost 15-17 pages. So that does not allow you to hack any android phone. If you still believe that there is such a thing, then you are wrong.

However, if you still get the said app then it might be the fake Apk because the original version is only available for PC and laptop. Also, I recommend you to visit the official site of the product to check whether it is available for androids or not.

So for the time being you can use the software from PCs and I have provided its original software at the bottom of the page which you can download.

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