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5 Alternative Career Options That Psychology Majors Can Go For

by Uneeb Khan
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Imagine if you could assist the police forces in a psychology base case study. That is quite exciting and unique, right? In fact, if you look around, a major in psychology can bring you an end number of career choices which are far from the traditional ones.

Apart from assisting in a psychology case study, you can also go for online tutoring as well where you can teach multiple students across the globe from your comfort zone!

Below are some more career options that experts have mentioned –

1. Child advocate

As a child advocate, you will be someone who supports children and minors. You will be in charge of making decisions regarding the children’s welfare, including where they live and which schools they attend.

Because of the skills of meticulous attention to detail and moral judgement, as a psychology major, you may succeed in this position.

Furthermore, as a child advocate, you will evaluate a child’s mental health and family environment etc. You will realise that sometimes a youngster needs an advocate to watch out for behaviour because they can’t always express their feelings.

2. Career advisor/counsellor

Your clients will be mostly students who can receive assistance from a career counsellor like you in selecting the best career route for them.

Your responsibility will also include offering advice to clients looking to change careers and directing them to the best college or programme for their needs.

Moreover, suppose you have skills in finance management. In that case, you can guide students through the financial aid procedure and conduct personality and interest assessments to help clients decide which career path could be the most suitable for them.

3. Probation officer

As a probation officer, your primary responsibility is to ensure that the terms of a client’s court-ordered probation are followed. To make the client’s reintegration into society easier, you may require collaborating with social workers as well.

Furthermore, by observing verbal and nonverbal cues, as a psychology major, you can determine whether your client is being truthful or not. You can also get history case study by well educated case study writers.

4. Marketing Advisor

As a marketing consultant, you will develop and execute marketing strategies in collaboration with clients. For example, you will require intricate marketing strategies to introduce a product or service to the intended audience.

Maintaining a brand’s sales, awareness, and image can be among your other responsibilities.

Because of proficiency in human behaviour and communication, as a psychology graduate, you can prosper in this industry. Thus, customers may be more receptive to marketing content if they are aware of human behaviour.

5. Talent acquisition specialist

Lastly, you can choose a career as a talent acquisition specialist, where your main responsibilities include conducting continuing searches for appropriate applicants to fill openings.

You will need to find employees at events like job fairs, networking mixers, neighbourhood gatherings, professional conferences etc. Because of your knowledge of how people behave and your research and critical thinking abilities, you can succeed in this position.

Summary – A career in psychology is worthy, but you don’t have to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist just because you graduated in psychology. In fact, there are more unique career options as well. Read this article & explore.

Author Bio – Michael Haydon is a PhD expert in Psychology from Australia. He is also associated with the academic brand MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he offers guidance on psychology case study. In his free time, you will find Oliver reading a book or visiting theatre shows.

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