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Instagram Pro Apk is one of the most popular social media platforms. People all over the world use it and enjoy it. On this, you will find reels, memes, photos, etc. Overall, this Insta pro apk is completely full of entertainment.

But in its official version, if you like any video, photo, etc., you can not save it on your phone. You will often get tired of taking screenshots of a post you wanted or keeping a video. If you also download a free instant video downloader, then, again and again, ADS comes in the middle. It wastes a lot of time. Keeping this in mind, the developers of Insta Pro have made a pro version of the app.

What is Insta Pro Apk

The Insta Pro Apk is a mod version of the official Insta version. In this app, you get many similar features that are not available in the official version. Insta is an app where you can talk to your friends, like their photos and videos. You must be tired of taking screenshots of pictures, but in this app, you can download photos without taking a screenshot of the image. This app has been designed very well.

Insta Pro Apk Features

Insta Pro Apk and its features Insta is one of the most-used apps. All over the world, people use this app. It has many essential features. Which we are going to talk about in this article today.

Save videos and photos

This app gives a very cool feature to all its users, which is the ability to save photos and videos. You must be tired of copying the link to the video in the Normal version of Insta and downloading the video from a third-party application. But you don’t need to do anything in this app. It fully enables you to download videos and photos without a downloader. That is, now you can download the video or photo of your choice, too, very easily. This saves a lot of time.

Safe and security

People mostly like that app, which is entirely secure. But now the question arises whether it is safe even after having the app mode version or not. So if we talk about it, then it is entirely safe. You can use it without camping and share your videos and photos, Like GBWhatsApp APK.

Download IGTV video

This mod version of Instagram allows you to download IGTV videos without any third party. Your data will be kept entirely safe while downloading.

HD graphics video

As we mentioned, this is the twisted version of Instagram. You will get all the videos and photos in perfect HD quality. All this is not available in the standard version, but you will get all these features only in the Insta Pro version. Now you can watch and download any video in perfect HD quality.

Hide Story

Using this mode version, you can easily hide your story and the text written on it from family members and friends. You do not get this feature in the standard version of an Insta. Apart from this, you can enable or disable advertising if you want. If any follow, you will be informed through this.


If you use the normal version of Instagram, you must have often seen that when someone comments in a language, you do not know. You cannot understand that language and its meaning in such a situation. But if you have the mod version of the install, you can translate comments into your language. This is a very good feature.

Download Story

It is difficult to download stories from a simple Instagram app; instead, you must use a third-party application. When you use the mood version of Insta, you will see a download icon option while viewing the story. You can save the report to your gallery by tapping on that option.

Bio – copy

If you’re on Instagram and you like the bio of a friend or a stranger, you can’t save it; you can only screenshot it. You can copy anyone’s bio in the Pro version of Insta and send it to anyone or paste it anywhere.

Instagram Pro Apk High Features

It supports Google in a way. You can translate any comment you make on your pic into different languages on Instagram Pro Apk.

You will not have to see any ads in this app. On Insta, ads come in the middle repeatedly, which irritates me a lot. Your ads will not be visible in this app.

With its help, you can download everything, like videos, photos, IGTV videos, etc. It is not possible to do all this in a simple version.

This is the best thing because this app will get all the videos and photos in HD quality, which you can also download and save in this gallery.

This app is entirely safe. It also comes with an app lock feature for your security so that no one will be able to read your instant messages or access your account.


Insta Pro is a completely modified version of Insta. You must be tired of taking screenshots of photos and videos on Instagram. The third-party app with the help of which you download the video can cause a virus on your phone. This app lets you download photos, IGTV videos, etc. This app has a high rating, so you can easily trust it. It is entirely safe, and you can use it.

This app has a high rating, so you can easily trust it. It is entirely safe, and you can use it. Today in this article, we told you what its features are as well as how it works. We hope you liked this article.!

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