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Why You Need a 3D Printer Enclosure

by Team Techvilly

An enclosed 3D printer aid in temperature stabilization inside 3D printers, which means that the materials used won’t be subject to abrupt temperature changes that could impact the print’s overall quality by causing warping.

Enclosures can be categorized in 3 different ways:

  • Professional, ready-to-be-purchased enclosures
  • Integrated with your 3D printer
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) enclosures

Our 3D printer enclosure that is under $650 has powerful features, which include:

  • Laser reduction
  • Stable environment for sensitive filaments
  • Good lighting
  • Dust shielding
  • Smell & fume shielding
  • Safe environment for kids and pets
  • Noise reduction

So why is enclosure 3D printing important?

  • It improves print quality.

Because there will be no rapid temperature changes that can shrink the plastic, maintaining the most stable conditions ensures that the dimensions achieved will be those desired throughout the entire model.

  • Noise Reduction

3D printers commonly produce unwanted noise. Some printers are extremely loud, to the point of distracting you and others. In this type of situation, a 3D printer enclosure can help you to reduce the unwanted noise produced by the 3D printer. Our enclosure for Snapmaker 2.0 reduces the noise level by up to 10 dB(A).

  • Reduces heat loss

A particular temperature must be obtained and maintained for 3D printers. The heating element must make up for heat loss, which means more electricity is needed. Reduced heat loss will result in significant electricity cost savings. This is where our 3D printer enclosure can help. It is simple to gauge and regulate the inside temperature thanks to the enclosure.

  • Protects your models from moisture

One of the deadliest enemies of 3D Printing is moisture. A spool of printing material becomes brittle and impossible to use when it becomes wet. Since an enclosed printer is in a controlled environment, the humidity in the surrounding area has no impact on the object.

The 3D printer enclosure also has some disadvantages like

  • They are expensive

Closed printers are typically more expensive since they require more parts. There is no enclosure included in almost all inexpensive DIY kits. The overall cost will be higher, and there are situations when the cost/quality ratio isn’t worth it.

  • Difficult to maintain

Maintenance might be challenging because having an enclosure limits access to some components. In a printer without an enclosure, changing the nozzle, replacing a thermistor, or cleaning a fan are extremely straightforward procedures, but they are far more difficult in a printer with an enclosure.

In order to get to the precise item that needs cleaning or replacing, you will need to disassemble a number of pieces.

Overall the pros of having a good 3D printer enclosure beat the cons. You can consider checking our 3D printer enclosure on our online store, which has amazing features at the best price.

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