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Why Choose Tape and Jointing for Walls?

by Team Techvilly

Walls really can take a beating over the years. Whether in a home, tape and jointing office, retail unit, educational organization or healthcare facility, it’s amazing how much wear and tear they’re subjected to without you even realizing it.

Eventually, this will reach a tipping point, and you’ll spot that your walls have become faded, dull, scratched, dented and marked in other ways simply as a result of sunlight, dust and furniture being moved, which spoils a room’s appearance.

If you’re looking for a professional painter and decorator who can bring your living environments or commercial spaces back to life, it’s time to chat with Intertech Contracts about dry lining and tape and jointing.

Dry lining services

When walls need to be renovated, it’s easy to assume that plastering is the only option. However, this lengthy and often messy process isn’t ideal for projects that need to be completed quickly and to the highest standard.

Instead, we recommend dry lining when precisely cut plasterboards are installed directly onto the walls. This achieves the same smooth finish of plastering but in a much shorter timeframe, as the boards are fitted in place rather than wet plaster slowly being applied and left to dry for days or weeks.

What are tape and jointing?

Following the dry lining process, tape and jointing seamlessly join the tapered edges of the plasterboards to the walls and ceilings. Tape and jointing is a fast and professional approach that uses purpose-designed bedding tape and jointing compounds. By applying three coat formulations to walls, we can achieve a standard that could otherwise only once be achieved through the prolonged method of plastering.

As soon as everything has fully dried, we expertly sand down the jointing compounds to a wonderfully smooth finish. The result is a room of any size with a uniform appearance that we believe looks even better than plastered walls.

Painting and decorating

Now that all the walls and ceilings are perfectly flush, the painting and decorating experts at Intertech Contracts can bring them to life in your chosen style. Whether it’s bright white walls that maximize natural light, colourful tones that add warmth and depth or snazzy wallpaper that starts conversations, let us know what you want, and we’ll do the rest.

Healthier spaces at home and work

As a bonus, dry lining works as a form of insulation. Whilst keeping more heat within the building, the dry lining can also help to reduce condensation levels. This makes it an extremely cost-effective solution, as it can help to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, whereas less condensation means better air quality within the room.

Reasons to choose taping and jointing.

It’s a much faster process than plastering
The walls and ceiling are left smooth
Fewer materials are required during the process
We ensure that your plastering premises are left spotless
InterTech Contracts can also paint and decorate afterwards.

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