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Which Job Has Highest Demand In Dubai?

by Darshan Fame
Which Job Has Highest Demand In Dubai?

Business from every corner of the globe flock to Dubai, one of the world’s fastest-growing commercial hubs. Startups and SMEs in the emirate are constantly looking for fresh talent, along with established companies. Regardless of your career goals, knowing the different trending careers in the UAE is essential knowledge for anyone seeking a new challenge. Our list of the top Dubai jobs is a great resource for those considering a change of careers or moving to the country.

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A slow recovery is underway after COVID-19 hit the global economy hard. The UAE also exhibits the same trend. The number of jobs available in some industries is increasing every day, especially in certain sectors. Expatriates can find a variety of private and government jobs in the UAE, although some occupations are more in demand than others.

Taking a look at 2022’s hot jobs in Dubai will provide you with a better idea of what’s in demand.


Corporate landscapes are rapidly evolving, and businesses are seeking cost-saving and target-setting financial processes. Startups, SMEs, and multinational companies have high demand for accountants and finance professionals. Accounting and finance occupations in Dubai are in high demand:

  • Accounting professionals.
  • A chief financial officer (CFO).
  • Analysts of financial information.
  • The head of internal audit.
  • Director of Treasury.


A risk manager and security analyst position are also included in Dubai’s most in-demand jobs for 2022. Since many companies are going completely digital and adopting new technologies, the security of their data and businesses is more at risk.

There are a Number Of Occupations That Are In Great Demand In Dubai In This Context, Including:

  • Managers of risk.
  • Analysts who specialize in security.
  • Architects of cyber security.


You qualify for one of Dubai’s top in-demand job roles if you have experience in digital transformation or have driven a company’s digital transformation. Business modernization in Dubai is inevitable due to the city’s digital prowess.

There is an increasing demand for software development professionals and people who can manage or implement digital transformation as more and more companies in the country switch to digital practices and remote work models. Various technical jobs are available, such as front-end developers, full-stack developers, cyber security experts, cloud engineers, and IT project managers.

Dubai Jobs In Recruitment And Human Resources:

When it comes to finding a career in Dubai, having an understanding of HR and talent acquisition is an advantage. Human resources professionals are in high demand because labor laws are regularly updated to create a healthy and safe working environment. The role of talent acquisition specialists is to help companies acquire exceptional talent that is also the right fit for the organization. Experienced candidates with mental health support or well-being initiatives are more likely to be selected. As part of their CV review process, employers consider work-life balance, employee engagement, work culture, and performance management when reviewing candidates’ CVs. You may be interested in Dubai job vacancies if you specialize in compensation and benefits. If you fall into one of the following categories, you can find good-paying jobs in Dubai:

  • Managers of human resources.
  • Business Partners in Human Resources.
  • Specialists in talent acquisition.


Corporate and social aspects of resident’s lives are efficiently regulated under a comprehensive legal framework in the UAE. Due to Dubai’s expanding legal horizon to keep pace with the swiftly evolving global business landscape, there is a need for highly specialized legal professionals who excel at dispute resolution, FinTech, and regulation of financial institutions. A variety of jobs are available in Dubai’s legal sector for those looking for high demand jobs:

  • Counselors in legal matters.
  • Lawyers and paralegals.
  • Assistant to a lawyer.


Dubai’s most in-demand jobs are also rounded up on different UAE job websites. Dubai companies most commonly advertise these jobs on the top job portals in the UAE.


In addition to engineering, Dubai has some of the top jobs in demand in other fields. The abundance of oil rigs and refineries in Dubai makes it a great place for foreign engineers with a specialty in chemical or petroleum engineering. A large number of well-paying jobs are available in Dubai for engineers in the mechanical, aerospace, and electronics industries.

  • Engineering in the Aerospace Industry.
  • The chemical engineering field.
  • Engineering in electronics.
  • Engineering – Mechanical.
  • Engineering in petroleum.

The oil and gas industry is booming with jobs in operations, project management, logistics, and cost management. Companies are now looking for tech-savvy individuals who have experience dealing with cloud-based data and artificial intelligence, in line with the UAE’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


In order for a company to continue operating smoothly, it needs business support and administration. Businesses, no matter how big or small, benefit from data entry specialists and administrative assistants who maintain proper paperwork, create networking relationships, and establish a strong industry presence.


Any business’ success relies heavily on marketing. Therefore, this line of work is always in demand. The job market in Dubai has shifted to more digital marketing-related jobs as most companies strive to set themselves apart from their competitors online. The job market in Dubai has shifted to more digital marketing-related jobs as most companies strive to set themselves apart from their competitors online.


Employers in Dubai must be at least 18 years old to be employed. An applicant for a Dubai work permit must be over the age of 18 and meet other conditions necessary to work in Dubai. Employers apply for UAE work permits on your behalf and pay the fees when they need to renew them. This is a comprehensive list of the most in-demand jobs in Dubai. There are some strict regulations and protocols that govern expats working in Dubai despite the emirate’s high demand for job opportunities and career growth worldwide. CV Writer UAE is the most in-demand jobs are available part-time, even for those working part-time. 

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