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What Else Should an eCommerce SEO Agency Offer in Terms of Supporting Services?

by Team Techvilly

An eCommerce SEO agency can help improve your organic impressions and ultimately your organic traffic, conversion rates, and sales.

But SEO is not a single tactic and even internally, there are many moving parts of SEO.

So, with that in mind, what other marketing services should an eCommerce SEO agency offer in order to maximize the success of your SEO campaign?

Other Organic Marketing Services
Other organic marketing services will offer the most potential support for eCommerce SEO, as they will boost your eCommerce website’s overall visibility in the search results and can extend brand credibility.

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● Content Marketing
While SEO-optimized content is written specifically to be found by search engines and consumers, content marketing content is written expressly to be consumed by readers.

Content marketing copy can also be optimized for SEO and will bolster the credibility of your brand.

● Email Marketing
Email marketing won’t help your website be found, but it will help you capitalize on and remarket to leads that you captured via your eCommerce SEO efforts. An eCommerce SEO company should be able to help incorporate email marketing strategies into your overall plan for your eCommerce store.

● Social Media Marketing
Social proof may not directly impact SEO (although it also might), but it will improve your customers’ experience, give you an avenue through which to interact with them and make your brand seem more credible.

Nice to Have: Paid Search Marketing Services
Paid search marketing services don’t necessarily support SEO, but they can be used to generate reliable traffic streams during slow periods or after Google updates when natural algorithm fluctuations cause adverse effects on organic rankings.

● eCommerce PPC Management (pay-per-click)
Many rely on eCommerce PPC management to deliver consistent traffic streams for online stores and see SEO as a way out of excess spending. However, eCommerce PPC can also be used to buoy up an SEO campaign during slow times. Plus, you may not need to pay as much for it if you have generated viable organic standings.

● Paid Social Media Marketing
Promoted social media posts are a great way to introduce your brand to consumers that otherwise might not have found it. In general, these strategies can be a great way to break the ice and promote a brand, only for your customers to find it organically through your SEO.

Nice to Have: Supporting Services
The following supporting services can directly impact both organic and paid search marketing strategies in numerous ways, on which all eCommerce SEO experts agree.

● Web Design
A pleasant, easy-to-use, brand-integrated website boosts customer engagement and seems more credible than one that isn’t. Also, if it meets customer expectations, it can lower bounce rates and improve your odds of concluding sales after the click.

● Web Development Services
Web development services have the potential to greatly benefit eCommerce SEO services from a standpoint of technical SEO. Development services can solve site structure, speed, and security issues that would result in crawl errors.

Development services can also improve a website’s UI and UX, both of which are crucial to the long-term success of an eCommerce SEO strategy.

Start off on the Right Foot with an Experienced eCommerce SEO Agency
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