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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Composite Fences?

by Team Techvilly

Adding a fence to your garden can transform your garden in many ways. This will not only give your assets a whole new aesthetic, but will also improve the overall security and privacy of your assets.

Perhaps you are considering adding a fence to your garden and trying to narrow your options? Want to know more about synthetic fencing?

Although synthetic fencing has many advantages over other fencing materials, it is far from perfect. Pros and cons of composite fencing include:


In general, the advantages of synthetic fencing far outweigh the disadvantages. Not only is it a durable material, but it is also easy to maintain.

·         Very durable

As mentioned above, synthetic fencing provides excellent durability. It is the most durable fencing material aside from wrought iron. Don’t expect less than 30 years of use for synthetic fencing.

It is made of a combination of wood and plastic and has considerable rigidity. With this hardness, it can withstand any kind of injury.

·         Maintenance is very easy.

Perhaps the best thing about synthetic fences is that they require little or no maintenance. Because only traces of wood remain, it does not rot and does not deteriorate. This means you don’t need to apply varnishes, lacquers, etc. to thrive.

Not only is it weather-resistant, but it is also resistant to insects. You don’t have to worry about termites crossing the fence. All you need is an occasional pressure wash.

·         Pleasing to the eye

Interested in a wooden fence but don’t want to worry about its maintenance? Then synthetic fencing is exactly what you are looking for. These fences are very similar in aesthetics to wood, but are much easier to maintain.

Available in almost any color, it is one of the best looking fencing materials on the market.


Synthetic fencing has its drawbacks, but these disadvantages outweigh the advantages. But they are here.

·         On the expensive side

The reason most people don’t like synthetic fences is that they are more expensive than others. Synthetic fences are not as expensive as materials such as wrought iron, but they are much more expensive than wood, aluminum, chain links and vinyl.

However, as it does not require special care, it can save you money over time. Typically, one square foot of fence costs about $30.00.

·         Easy to fade

Synthetic fencing generally has a nice aesthetic, but tries to preserve its aesthetic value over time. This is especially true if your synthetic fence has dark shades such as black, brown or gray.

The problem is that once the color has faded, there is nothing you can do to restore the previous color. You will have to live with the fade or install a new fence.

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