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Wedy Death Note:

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Below, I explain the qualities and role of  Wedy in Death Note.

Wedy Death is a blonde woman with shoulder-length hair. She always put on sunglasses and shoulderless tops. Most of the time smokes a cigarette. She uses a fake identity letter to hide. She uses the small letter ‘w’ for it. 


The second girl in the Kenwood family, Wedy is additionally a specialist with observation. She and Aiber were welcomed into the Japanese Task Force. Wedy introduces bugs in the Yotsuba Group’s gathering space to snoop on the gathering’s week-after-week gatherings furtively. Read about Light yagami.

She does likewise for Kyosuke Higuchi’s different vehicles, permitting the group to watch his frantic endeavours to kill Touta Matsuda. Soichiro Yagami safeguarded her Higuchi took out his gun. It fired at her when he was cornered at the Sakura TV.

After L’s passing, Light Yagami thinks of her name in the Death Note. She kicks the bucket on January tenth in a car crash in Colorado. In the anime rendition, she appears to experience a respiratory failure while driving her bike. It is making her accident and bite the dust as her cruiser quickly misses a dark feline close by. Just her name, and not subtleties of her passing, is shown written in the Death Note. Know about L death note sitting reason.

Reason to appear in Death note:

It found that the Japanese Investigation Unit finds something. Kira is connected with The Yotsuba Group, L solicitation to Wedy as well as Amber to help with their examination. Wedy is accused of researching security issues of Yotsuba’s principal office. After finding the room in which eight of the gathering were holding secret gatherings. It’s the watchmen’s timetable of revolution He and Watari set up listening gadgets and observation cameras. He likewise eradicated all that was there from the time that T out of Matsuda entered the structure.

Wedy investigates for Kira:

The seven members associated with those mysterious social occasions were confined. Watari and Wedy added camera frameworks and audience members to their separate areas to watch out for their exercises. The undertaking makes a smidgen more troublesome. It is for staying alert that Shingo Mido Reiji Namikawa and Kyosuke Higuchi had incredibly secure homes.

The cycle required 2 days to arrive at Higuchi’s home. Surprisingly, a cellar wherein no electromagnetic waves had the option to infiltrate into the house by any stretch of the imagination.

Wedy had the opportunity and energy to go through five homes before L in the end proposed. She focuses on Higuchi.

After some uncertainty, Wedy bowed to L’s solicitations and on second thought of Higuchi’s home. She introduced cameras in six of the vehicles he claimed which incorporated the Red Porsche.

Merrie Kenwood murder:

After the demise of L and after Light Yagami had his spot, Light Yagami found the genuine name of Wedy’s, Merrie Kenwood and wrote her name in the Death Note. As per the Manga form, Wedy experienced a deadly injury in a mishap that happened in Colorado, USA. The anime transformation shows that she experienced an assault on the heart when she was driving along the expressway on her cruiser.

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