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Using multiple copy protection systems to safeguard audio content

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What exactly does “Multi-DRMan anti-piracy tool” mean?

The early-stage digital rights management (DRM) solutions were offered by each DRM vendor in the form of an embedded DRM or client software development kit (SDK), each of which supported a specified subset of devices and adhered to a single, proprietary DRM protocol. “Multi-DRM” is distinguished from “Single DRM” by the fact that major platforms (browser or operating system) make available multiple digital rights management systems (DRMs), such as “PlayReady,” “Widevine,” and “FairPlay,” which are then applied to content in accordance with a standardised specification.

Multi-DRM protection may be applied to content of either the DASH or HLS type, depending on the supported target platform. PlayReady and Widevine DRM, both of which support MPEG CENC (also known as Common Encryption), are utilised while protecting DASH material. You need to apply FairPlay DRM to a different HLS content in order to support Multi-DRM on Apple platforms such as macOS and iOS. In other words, you need to develop and provide two DRM contents—namely, DASH and HLS—for every single piece of original material.

Multi-DRM compatibility as well as web browser support

Traditional “single DRM” systems required the installation of a separate browser plug-in, such as “Flash,” in order to secure audio and video content that was played in a web browser. This was necessary in order to prevent unauthorised use of the content. On the other hand, support for plug-ins in web browsers is being phased down because of a variety of performance and security difficulties. Therefore, solutions for DRM that are reliant on plug-ins are being phased out of the market.

The ability to play DRM content on a web browser without the need for a separate plug-in is one of the advantages offered by multi-DRM systems. You can enable the playing of DRM material on the majority of platforms with a single web application, eliminating the need to develop native programmes for each client platform, such as personal computers and mobile devices.

This step takes place before playback begins since the content needs to be decrypted before the client can access it to play it back. Because of the digital rights management system, the consumer has access to the decryption key for the particular content ID that was used during the process of encrypting the movie. This was done so that the customer could view the film without having to worry about anybody else seeing it. This was done in order to respect the customer’s right to personal confidentiality (DRM). The Content Decryption Module, which is more commonly abbreviated as CDM and stands for Content Decryption Module, is a specialised piece of software that the user’s device or web browser will typically include as an integrated function. The CDM can also be referred to by its full name, which is the Content Decryption Module. The decoding of the information that has been received is the responsibility of this component. CDM is already pre-installed on all products that adhere to the Encrypted Media Extensions standard and can play encrypted media files (EME). The player will be able to use the video content once it has been encrypted and made available to them after it has been decoded. The video content will be decrypted.

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