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Types of electric or manual pool cleaners, which is better

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Types of electric or manual pool cleaners, which is better? 

Which pool cleaner to choose, electric or manual pool cleaners? 

Cleaning products for pools and purity of pool water are on our side. Because at SCS Group Integrated Services, we have the best professional pool cleaning services, and tools you need to leave your pool and pool water sparkling. But when it comes to pool cleaners, when should you choose an electric pool cleaner or a manual pool cleaner? We give you some guidelines to get it right! 

Is it necessary to have a pool cleaner?

The pool water is continually receiving dust, leaves, seeds, insects… And these do not always stay on the surface. But often the dirt adheres to the walls of the pool and the bottom, making them not only look dirty but also more slippery. 

To prevent this from happening, the first step is to acquire a good net to clean the surface of the pool and remove dust and the remains of plants or insects that fall into the water as soon as possible. 

Later, our great ally will be the pool cleaner. That is why choosing a good pool cleaner is essential to always keep the pool clean, take care of the purification system and guarantee the quality of the pool water throughout the year, or during the bathing season. 

What to consider before choosing a pool cleaner? 

Before buying a pool cleaner, it is important to consider a series of factors. 

One of them is to consider the dimensions, shape, depth, and type of construction used in the pool. Similarly, it is important to take into account the type of coating on the bottom and walls of the pool. As well as if it has work steps or submerged stairs. 

In the event that you have not yet built the pool, do not forget how important it is to include the connections for future pool cleaner installations in the plan and technical diagram. 

Types of pool cleaners, which one suits me best?

To know which pool cleaner to choose, it is convenient to know the different types, their advantages, and their main characteristics. 

One way to classify pool cleaners is by the technology they use. In this sense, we differentiate hydraulic cleaners, which can be suction or pressure; and electric pool cleaners, which incorporate batteries. On the other hand, we could find manual pool cleaners, more suitable for very small pools. Since otherwise they suppose a much longer cleaning time, as well as less efficiency. 

Electric pool cleaners 

Electric pool cleaners do not require a connection to the pool’s purification system. Since they are autonomous and programmable, independent of filtering. 

This type of pool cleaner is connected to the network and is fed with a low-pressure current through a transformer. 

Electric cleaning robots move around the pool on wheels or tracks, cleaning walls and floors with pre-programmed cycles. In these cases, the dirt accumulates in a filter bag or cartridge, which must be changed periodically. 

Hydraulic suction pool cleaners

The hydraulic suction robots are connected to the skimmer or to the intake of the pool cleaner. These are propelled by a filtration system and run through the bottom and walls randomly. 

Hydraulic suction pool cleaners move along walls and floors sucking up dirt. In this case, cleaning does not require constant vigilance, since the debris that it vacuums is directed to the pre-filter and filter. 

Hydraulic pressure robots 

Hydraulic pressure pool cleaners receive the energy necessary to clean the pool through their purification system, but instead of connecting to the suction intakes, they do so to the pool return. As a general rule, these robots need an additional pump for this. 

The pressurized water is channeled to the pool cleaner intake, where the robot will be connected. These incorporate filter bags that retain solid impurities. 

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