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Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Shipping A Car

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Whether you’re shipping a car online or moving to another state, when it comes to moving your vehicle from point A to point B, hiring a company to transport your car is usually much easier than having to drive it yourself. When you’re looking to ship a car across the country or even the world, here are 5 questions you should ask yourself to help you find the right shipping company.

How do you make sure nothing happens to your car?

When the transporter comes to pick up your car, they will check the general condition of the vehicle with you so that you can both agree on its condition before it departs. You will do a similar inspection with the driver during delivery to ensure that there was no damage sustained during travel.

Which documents are required?

Proper paperwork is required to transport cars across the country; otherwise it would be extremely easy for car thieves. This usually means having your registration and insurance certificate available, but check with your shipping company to find out exactly what documents they will need to show to confirm that you have the legal right to export your car.

Which services do they offer?

Find out what services your car shipping company provides. Some may only be active geographically, while others may have restrictions on the types or sizes of vehicles they can move. To find out if they provide Enclosed Car Transport or Open Car Transport, ask them. If your vehicle is exposed to the elements during interstate transportation, it may be damaged, but the included service may be significantly more expensive.

How long will it take to ship?

Depending on how and where your car is being sent, this will normally vary from business to company. Quotes for delivery times for cars are rarely guaranteed because mistakes can happen. As a general rule, transit from coast to coast could take 1-2 weeks, lesser distances a few days, and international travel even longer.

How do you get your car ready for shipping?

Most companies will advise you to make sure all your belongings are removed from the car as it is illegal for moving companies to move vehicles containing household goods. The Department of Transport also stipulates that all keys must be given to the mover when the car is moved, and it is recommended that you only have about 25% gas in your tank, saving you and the moving company unexpected over-the-limit fees.

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