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09 Tips to Keep in Mind to Buy a Perfect Bed Frame

by Uneeb Khan

A new bed frame is frequently an afterthought for many individuals. But the quality of your sleep can be just as crucial as choosing the appropriate mattress.

People sleep for 26 years on average during their lifetime. When you spend so much time in bed, you need a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

The bed frame is the major structural support for your bed; therefore, you should pick the best one for your needs. Furthermore, we suggest you buy a King bed with storage in Pasadena if you need a bed that gives you comfort with having under storage to make your room cluttered-free!

We’ve compiled the top tips for picking a bed frame.

Consider the Current Mattress Size

Does your mattress already make you happy? Use the mattress as a size guide if you intend to maintain it but only want to replace your bed frame.

Your bed frame must be the same size as your mattress for a correct fit.

Make sure you are aware of your specific mattress size because some mattress sizes have a few differences.

For instance, a twin XL bed has a mattress 5 inches longer than a normal twin mattress. A queen mattress is 6 inches broader than an Olympic queen mattress. A California king is 4 inches longer and 4 inches slimmer than a regular king.

Examine the Size of Your Bedroom

You can select any size you like if you’re purchasing a brand-new bed, complete with a mattress. By considering the size of your bedroom, you may select the best solution for it.

Your bed should have a 2 to the 3-foot perimeter, including the end. You have plenty of areas to roam around in your bedroom.

Please measure the size of the available space and compare it to a bed. Remember that your bed frame and headboard may extend the bed’s dimensions beyond the mattress’s by a few inches.

To reduce your options, choose the size of bed frame you’ll require.

Pick the Support Type

Under a mattress, there must be some support. Your mattress will slump or prematurely age without support.

Platform beds and box springs are the two primary options for support.

Your mattress will have built-in support if you choose a platform bed. It is suitable for use without a box spring.

Platform beds often have a lower profile than conventional beds with a box spring.

Distinguish Between Integrated and Separate Frames

A freestanding bed frame often has a straightforward design without any unnecessary details. For the desired look, match it with a different headboard.

The alternative is a full bed that includes the frame, headboard, footboard, and side rails. The result is a more polished appearance. As the side rails are part of the frame, it frequently has more decorative elements.

Wooden alternatives with various painted, clear, or stained finishes are also available. Some side rails have an upholstered pattern.

The side rails hold the support slats while sitting inside the bed.

Choose the Height

An additional factor is the bed frame’s height.

Set your comfort level for bed height. People with mobility limitations typically find it simpler to sleep on higher mattresses.

A platform bed is a great option if you sleep close to the ground. In addition, search for low-profile bed frames.

Look for a taller bed frame if you wish to be taller. You can get specific beds in the height you like.

Review the Legs

For the protection of your floors, you should take into account the bed frame’s base. The frame’s floor contact area must be considered carefully. Does it have coverings or glides to offer any protection?

Otherwise, the legs can catch on your carpet or damage your hardwood flooring.

On the bottom of the legs of some bed frames are wheels. This makes it simple for you to shift the bed whenever you wish. Once you choose the ideal location, look for locking legs to secure the bed in place.

Contrast the Materials

The two primary bed frame material choices are wood and metal. Both are solid options.

The appearance is where the primary distinction lies. Choose the option that complements your room the best.

It’s also critical to consider the material’s quality. Solid hardwood is fairly durable; however, a poorly made wooden frame might not last as long. Always look at the joinery and hardware utilized to ensure a high-quality bed.

Similarly, a bed frame made of soft or weak metal may be of poor quality, easily bent, and unable to support heavy loads. They may make noise as well.

Think About the Style

The style is crucial if the bed frame is still noticeable after you make your bed. When the bed frame has exposed side rails, this is the case.

Take into account the general decor of your bedroom while choosing the design. It’s best to go with a straightforward, streamlined design for a modern bedroom.

An ornate wood frame with fine craftsmanship can be preferred if your bedroom is conventional in design.

You may use a wood frame with an aged finish for a more rustic appearance.

Verify Overall

You don’t want to choose the lowest option for your bed frame to save money. You’ll probably discover that it doesn’t last or offer the necessary support.

Before choosing a frame, check its general construction and level of quality. You can get greater support and a more durable alternative by spending a little extra on a higher-quality frame.


Purchasing a new bed frame is simple until you begin shopping and discover the wide variety of alternatives available. You may reduce your alternatives by determining what you need and how to detect a high-quality bed frame.  You can also get more information about cozy room ideas

Suppose you want a comfortable bed with under-bed storage to keep your room clutter-free. In that case, we recommend you get a King bed with storage in Pasadena from Bien home furniture and Electronics. 

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