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Things to Know Before Buying a Pillow

by Team Techvilly

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, the mattress is not only the thing, a good pillow impacts sleep as well. A pillow gives support to the neck while a bad pillow is terrible and you may be tossing & turning the whole night to get comfortable. 

Well, some basic rules may help to buy pillow online based on your sleeping position and health conditions or allergies. 

So, in this guide, we’ll guide you on how to pick the right pillow for your go-to sleep position. 

5 Rules to Pick the Best Pillow 

  1. Be Picky about firmness – Do you like to sleep on your stomach, back, or side? In general, you want a bigger pillow if you sleep on your side to fill in the space between the bed and your upper back and shoulder blades. It will assist keep your neck straight rather than inclined to prevent any tension. Due to the shoulder blades and upper back’s natural bend, back sleepers require flatter pillows because the gap between them is smaller. The natural curve of your neck can be preserved if you sleep on your stomach with just a small cushion.

When determining the firmness of a pillow, don’t only rely on the manufacturer’s label. To inspect the pillow’s actual hardness, press down on it. If you can, give it a good shake, fluff, squeeze, and even a good lay-on to get a sense of what you’re getting. Check whether a pillow’s loose filling, rather than a slab of foam, holds its shape after being fluffed, and look for any lumpy areas. A pillow with a consistent shape and thickness is what you want.

  1. Know about Mattress – To support the body while you sleep, your mattress and pillow must cooperate. You need to buy pillow online with a thinner pillow if your mattress is softer. That holds whether you lay on your back or your side. According to test engineer Chris Regan, a softer mattress often allows the body to sink into it, so there is less of a space between your head and the mattress. You’ll need a fuller cushion since firmer mattresses prevent you from sinking in as much, leaving a bigger space between them and your neck to fill.

An uncomfortable head position and strain or restlessness might be brought on by a pillow that is too hard or filled.

  1. Consider Breathability – A restful night’s sleep is not likely when you’re overheated and perspiring. A pillow that circulates air rather than holding in heat is what you want. Your head and neck will be less able to breathe through the pillow if the filling is denser. In our experiments, pillows made of polyester or foam shreds maintain a cool temperature. The least breathable ones were those fashioned from a single foam slab.
  2. Check care Label – Some labels may state that only the cover of a pillow can be cleaned, and not all pillows can be washed. The majority of the pillows we examine can be washed in a machine, usually in a cold setting. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America advises washing a pillow once a month in hot water (130° F) to destroy any bugs if you have a dust mite allergy. Following the latest technology, The Sleep Company has the SmartGRID pillow that doesn’t need to be washed. 
  3. Consider Return policy – Depending upon the quality, a pillow can be costly. So before you buy pillow online, always make sure that it is best the fit for you and you can try it for a period at your home. So, whenever you buy the pillow always ensure if you are getting a free trial to test the pillow. Also, check the return policy of the pillow, so in case you don’t like it you can return it. 

What are the Potential Health Issues of Sleeping without a Pillow?

Using a pillow during sleep is very crucial for overall health. Here‘s why using a pillow is important and the possible drawbacks of not using it for health. 

  • Lead to poor spinal alignment
  • Increase back pain
  • Causes neck pain
  • Impact on the shoulder or numb arm and pain
  • Result in breathing  problems

Where to Buy the Best Pillow Online?

Putting your head on the right pillow is essential to feel refreshed and stay away from various health issues. You can buy pillow online from The Sleep Company, which offers one & only SmartGRID hybrid pillow. 

You can experience the softest, comfiest pillow science design for the ultimate design for the most blissful sleep of your life. 

Moreover, with more than 1000 air channels the pillow always stays cool & breathable even in hot weather combined with cooling TPE material. 

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