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The Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions (2022 update)

by Team Techvilly
Buying Instagram Followers

Dimensions of Instagram stories

Instagram continues to revolutionize social media with its photo- and video-sharing capabilities. With all the new features, the Instagram story remains one of the most popular. Buying Instagram Followers

You can share your Instagram stories with your followers to update them on what you are doing at any moment. An Instagram story can be posted in two formats: a video or a vertical photo. Buying Instagram Followers

It disappears after 24 hours. You can track who has viewed your Instagram stories and even add your account to your Instagram profile as an IG Story Highlight.

We see more brands use Instagram stories. Let us show you how to get the most out of Instagram stories, so your images and videos appear correctly on the app.

These top tips and the ideal Instagram story dimensions will help you create compelling Instagram stories.

Our free Instagram story templates make it easy to create Instagram stories in under 60 seconds!

What are the Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram’s story dimensions are 1080px x 1920px. This is a ratio of 9 to 16. Your IG Story video or photo must be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram story dimensions in pixels

PNG and JPG have supported file formats. JPG. Your Instagram story image must not exceed 30MB.

Instagram Story dimensions are 1080x 1920 pixels. Your IG story file must not exceed 4GB. MP4 and MOV are the only accepted Instagram video formats. MOV. Video files. Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram has strict guidelines regarding the size of Instagram stories. Instagram may crop or zoom in on photos and videos uploaded to an Instagram story without the correct dimensions. This can lead to a loss of quality, sometimes with essential visuals being cut off.

How can I create an Instagram Story?

You can add simple photos or videos to your story by filming a vertical video or taking a vertical photo using your smartphone or camera. Buying Instagram Followers

It’s the opposite of how most videos are made. Vertical video allows you to make the most of your Instagram screen real estate for your stories.

There are several steps to follow to create Instagram Stories with compelling text and professional images.

An application such as Instagram Story Maker can be used to create Instagram stories, either for your personal use or for your business. You can choose from many well-designed Instagram story templates that you can customize to suit your social needs.

This video shows you how to create an Instagram story design in less than five minutes.

Video thumbnail

You can also take a vertical video you have taken with your camera and crop it with programs like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro. You can cut your tape to 1080×2096 using video editing software to fit the correct Instagram story dimensions. Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram Story Tips and Ideas

Because Instagram stories can be used in many ways, they are very versatile. You can use IG Stories to promote your brand (personal and corporate), sell a product, or keep your followers updated.

These are some excellent ideas to add to your Instagram Stories to increase engagement and interact with your followers.

Call-to-Actions: Adding a link

Many people ask. If you have over 10 000 followers, you can. This feature allows you to prompt your followers and get them to visit a particular web page. This is crucial if you have a product or blog post to promote.

You can promote your posts even if you are not a business. Users must be directed to your profile by clicking the link in your bio. Tie in your Instagram bio should refer users to the appropriate page.

Sneak Peeks and Behind the Scenes

What about the scene look? You can share your daily life and business with your followers using Instagram stories. Teasers can be a great way to create excitement about future content and product launches. Buying Instagram Followers

Insta Story Polls

Instagram now allows you to create polls on your stories. With a simple tap, you can ask any question and see the answers of your followers. It also tells you who answered what.

This is a game-changer…

It is free market research, and you can get great insights into your audience if you ask the right question.

Ideas for Instagram Stories

Displaying user-generated content and brand features
It’s not a good idea to Re post videos or photos from customers or followers if you want to maintain a detailed look on your main Instagram account. You don’t have any control over how your customers create these Instagram videos or photos, but testimonials can be a great source of content.

Instagram Stories are a great way to show off your users’ content about your product without affecting your Instagram feed. You could even make their day with their footage! Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram story press

It is also intelligent to post your Instagram stories if your brand gets any press. Aritzia discovered that Hailey Baldwin was wearing one of their items. Buying Instagram Followers

The company used this opportunity to take a screenshot of the article and share it on their Instagram Story with their followers.

How to Avoid Instagram Story Mistakes

Let’s first take a look at the Instagram stories mistakes you must avoid before sharing your first IG story.

Story lines that are long and repetitive

Instagram Stories are limited to 15 seconds per story. You can post as many levels as you like. Avoid the swipe away! Swipe away is when a follower skips through your entire account. You want to reduce this by keeping your stories concise. https://techvilly.com/

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