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The Different Types of Security Guard Services

by Uneeb Khan

When a business needs security guard services, it’s important to hire a reliable security guard service. This will ensure the safety of customers and employees, which is essential for the success of any business.

Security officers often provide services such as screening visitors and checking employee IDs when they come into a building. They can also advise their employers on ways to prevent problems from occurring.

Security Officers

Security officers work to protect people, property and the environment. Their duties vary depending on the needs of a business, organisation or government body. They may patrol the premises, monitor surveillance cameras or perform other tasks.

The main responsibility of a security officer is to deter crime by observing and following procedures that are designed to make a facility difficult to break into. These procedures include checking doors and windows for signs of trespassing, keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior, and ensuring that only authorized persons have access to the building.

These duties can be challenging, but they provide a steady stream of protection that goes beyond what the local police force can offer. They also require a certain level of alertness and professionalism that is well suited to someone who enjoys the challenge of protecting their employer’s assets.

Security Officer

In some cases, a security officer may act as an agent of law enforcement when a situation arises at a client’s premises that requires law enforcement action. They often do so until the local police or sheriff’s department arrives on the scene and takes control of the situation.

This is a highly active job with great potential for career development and growth, on average earning $31,120 per year. However, it can be a stressful career due to the high demands and fast-paced nature of the job.

Those with keen powers of observation, as well as a good sense of smell and hearing are best suited to this type of job. They should be able to spot suspicious activity and sound off before it becomes serious, as well as accurately interpret what they see and hear.

They are required to carry a weapon when their role demands it and only if they have the appropriate sub-class accreditation on their license. They are also required to undergo a certain level of training and to follow laws regarding carrying weapons.

CCTV Operators

CCTV Operators work in control rooms and are responsible for monitoring the screens linked to cameras placed around a building, town or area. These camera systems are designed to detect any illegal or suspicious activities that might be taking place, and report them to the relevant authorities at the right time.

This type of security guard services job is incredibly multi-faceted and utilises a wide range of skills and abilities. It is not a simple job and a CCTV Operator must be able to think quickly and logically to respond to any situations that they see arise.

It is also important to remember that although CCTV is a vital tool for preventing crime, it is not infallible. Some criminals are not averse to changing their tactics or trying to avoid detection. This is why it is essential that all CCTV operators are vigilant and alert to any unusual activities or suspicious characters that they may come across on their screen during the course of their job.

Keeping careful logs of observations and incidents is very important for CCTV Operators, who use this information to determine whether a particular person or incident needs further investigation or police attention. They can also save the police a lot of time by reporting details such as license plate numbers, clothing or tattoos that might be indicative of a criminal activity.

Despite their responsibilities, CCTV Operators generally enjoy a very pleasant and rewarding job. This is because they play an important part in ensuring that our streets, town centres and buildings remain safe for the general public. It is a role that can be very fulfilling and entails being able to work under pressure at times, making this a rewarding job for anyone who is interested in a career in this field.

Executive Guards

Executive guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of high-profile individuals. These may include politicians, celebrities, CEOs and other high-powered professionals.

The security risks that they face can range from threats to assault, stalking, theft, kidnapping and invasion of privacy. These threats can put their reputations at risk as well.

Some executives hire an executive protection service for special events or trips to local or international locations, sporting events and even at their homes. These services can help these executives stay safe and secure while keeping them focused on the tasks at hand.

Many of these types of security personnel are employed by private security companies. These companies hire, train and certify security professionals for specific assignments at their client facilities.

Professionals Guards

These professionals usually work in shifts and travel frequently domestically and internationally. They must be able to provide a high level of customer service and have an extensive background in close protection and firearms handling.

The average salary for an Executive Protection Agent is between $10k-$20k per week depending on the number of important persons they must protect and the threat level in their environment.

Executive Protection Agents often need to have a valid front-line close protection licence and a current first aid certificate. They should also have a thorough knowledge of local and national laws.

Mobile Security Personnel

Mobile security personnel are an important part of a security service. They provide a cost-effective solution to businesses that don’t have the budget for round-the-clock, full-time guards.

They patrol and conduct inspections of premises at pre-agreed intervals, ensuring that your business is secure during the day and at night. They also act in coordination with other security measures, such as CCTV.

During patrols, mobile security officers observe a client’s premises for potential criminal activities. This can include theft, vandalism, trespassing and loitering.

Security Guard Services

A good mobile security officer will be able to work with the latest technology to ensure that they are responding as quickly as possible to any alarms. They can also respond to incidents and emergencies that are happening on site, such as fire outbreaks or burglaries.

They also have a lot of experience working with emergency services, which can help them respond faster to any situations that arise on your property. This can be helpful in cases where there is an accident or when a member of staff is injured.

When they are on a patrol, mobile security personnel can use GPS and internal vehicle cameras to keep track of their location. This can deter crime by making it harder for criminals to plan an attack.

During the course of their job, mobile security personnel can be required to participate in training sessions and rotational shifts. This will provide them with a more comprehensive understanding of the law and responsibilities as a security professional.

They can also be responsible for reporting conditions to their employer or client, purchasing equipment and programming security systems. These duties can be challenging but rewarding.

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