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The benefits of water aerobics for all ages

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Water aerobics improves muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Compared to land-based exercises, it reduces the impact on joints and has a lower risk of injury. Good right? For all these reasons, the practice is recommended to improve the functional motor capacity and independence of the elderly population.

This is the conclusion of an article published in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Activity & Health with Lifeguard training near me. The researchers compared the results of eight studies carried out with 301 elderly people and noticed an improvement in the performance of daily movements – such as sitting, standing and walking – among practitioners of water aerobics compared to sedentary ones.

But, the benefits can reach even more people. After all, keeping the body strong and healthy is good at any age. do you agree? Water aerobics can be a great option for those who want to get out of a sedentary lifestyle, for pregnant women or, simply, for those who melt in the heat just thinking about physical exercises in the summer. Everything is a matter of intensity and some basic care.

Better mobility for the elderly

Bone fragility and reduced muscle mass in old age make it difficult to perform exercises on land. In addition to improving these aspects, the pressure of water on the body helps blood circulation. The exercises develop cardiorespiratory conditioning, strength, flexibility, relaxation and motor coordination. As they are animated, with music and in groups, the classes have important psychological benefits: they help in socialization and a feeling of well-being among the participants. However, precisely because of the low impact, water aerobics does not help in the fight against osteoporosis. In such cases, light walking can be combined with exercise in the water after talking to your doctor.

Swelling reduction and weight control for pregnant women
Staying active is important for controlling weight gain during pregnancy and regulating blood pressure. However, the weight of the belly tends to overload the spine and joints of pregnant women. That’s where water aerobics comes in: physical exercise done in water helps to alleviate this impact. Hydrostatic pressure also improves circulation and reduces fluid retention in the lower limbs, relieving the swelling typical of pregnancy.

Reduction of hypertension

Physical exercise on the ground reduces resistant hypertension by between 4 and 5 mmHg (pressure measurement). With water aerobics in a heated pool, the reduction reaches 20 mmHg. The explanation is the dilation of blood vessels promoted by the heat of the water and the better circulation caused by the pressure of water in the body. The discovery was made by the Heart Institute of the University of São Paulo.

Physical exercise and refreshment at the same time

But don’t think that, because it’s low impact, water aerobics training will be easy. Some accessories are used to increase water resistance, requiring more strength for practitioners to perform the movements. The more intense classes and circuits in the water are ideal for those who want to keep exercising in high summer without melting in the heat. They allow caloric expenditure, increase in cardiorespiratory capacity and muscle tone (in addition to a good refreshment, of course!).

Ideal practice

Thanks to the buoyancy action of the water on the body, the more submerged, the lower the weight and impact on the joints. For more effective results, the ideal frequency is at least three times a week, with the water level at shoulder height (at that time there is a decrease of up to 90% in body weight).

The use of accessories depends on the purpose of the class: strength, motor coordination, balance and even fun. The most common are planks, shin guards, floats, floating dumbbells, poles and balls.


Renal and cardiopulmonary diseases, radiotherapy, epilepsy, among other special health conditions can make the practice contraindicated. Therefore, as in any sport, it is very important to have a medical evaluation before signing up for a water aerobics class.

Also, suspend classes if you have any kind of skin infection to avoid spreading it to colleagues.

Care and tips for before and after water aerobics:

. The cap in water aerobics: many people don’t like it, but it protects the hair. A tip: it is easier to put the cap on already wet hair; a little cream helps the latex cap to glide better and even increases the protection of the wires
. The teacher must be specialized (physical educator or physiotherapist)
. Special attention to the movements in and out of the pool so that falls do not occur, especially among the elderly
. Observe the hygiene conditions, treatment of the pool and if the place requires a dermatological examination of practitioners
. Neither fasting nor full belly: light food at least one hour before exercise
. Drink a lot of water
. Take a shower immediately afterwards to remove chlorine residues.
. Dry the skin well to avoid fungi and mycoses
. Use body moisturizer to fight chlorine dryness

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