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The Benefits of Using Cardboard Burger Boxes to Boost Your Sales

by Uneeb Khan
Cardboard Burger Boxes

Cardboard burger boxes are an easy and affordable way to keep your burgers and sandwiches fresh, even if you’re selling them on-the-go, or at a busy food truck event. While their basic design has remained the same over the years, there have been some changes that help make these boxes more effective than ever before. If you’re looking to grow your business and improve your sales, here are three reasons why cardboard burger boxes should be part of your strategy.

Cardboard Burger Boxes are Eco-Friendly

Some people might argue that cardboard boxes are not eco-friendly, but in reality, cardboard is a very eco-friendly and sustainable product. The thickness of the box can vary depending on the size and type you need, which helps cut down on waste in turn. In order to find the perfect burger packaging boxes for your restaurant you will need to take into consideration size and shape.

They are Durable and Sturdy

Cardboard burger boxes are durable and sturdy. The material is both water and grease resistant, meaning it can protect your food items inside for a long time without getting soggy or dirty. It also protects against corrosion from the air so your food will stay fresh for a longer period. Because cardboard is recyclable, this means that you are environmentally friendly in addition to being able to provide your customers with a quality package that they can use again and again! With the right packaging, such as custom printed burger boxes wholesale or a complete packaging kit with matching accessories like paper trays and disposable spatulas, you can build your reputation among customers by supplying them with high-quality goods while protecting their purchase.

They Keep Food Fresh

Burger boxes wholesale are a great way to ensure that your burgers and other food will always be fresh. Have you ever eaten something really good, but it just wasn’t as good as the first time? It could be because the food went bad! Investing in cardboard burger boxes can help you make sure that your food stays fresh, which means people will love it more! If you want some proof, take a look at a life without these boxes. You’ll notice that everywhere you go, people have their icky foods wrapped up in aluminum foil or bags. Even though this method does prevent food from going bad for longer periods of time, cardboard burger boxes are better for food because they let the moisture escape and are more breathable.

They are Affordable

Cardboard burger boxes are affordable, but with a higher price point than paper or plastic. A large company could spend anywhere from $200-$350 on a box. Most small businesses will end up spending around $25-$30. But if your company has multiple locations and serving sizes, then printed burger boxes are your only option.

Also, each square foot of surface area on a cardboard burger packaging box can accommodate around 2 1⁄2 square feet on other materials like paper or plastic – so in reality cardboard is cheaper because it covers more space for less money. In the long-term it’s going to be easier on your bottom line too. They also tend to build a better reputation because they create an atmosphere where the customer feels cared for and unique rather than disposable. Printed burger boxes also show that you care about your customers enough to make them feel special – which goes back to boosting sales!

They are Customizable

Custom boxes wholesale provides you with custom burger boxes. Creating your own packaging can be a costly and time-consuming process, but luckily for you, Custom boxes wholesale has made it easy. Some people might think that their burger would look better in a regular box or bag, but not you. You want your customers to know just how original and delicious your burgers are, which is why you’re going to invest in these cardboard burger boxes from Custom Boxes Wholesale. All the same size burgers will fit perfectly inside the box, no matter what the size is!

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