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Best Alternatives For Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

by M Asim
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphires, along with rubies and emeralds, are magnificent jewels. Each brilliant sapphire hue, whether yellow, green, pink or any other, properly offers its unique beauty. In this article, we will look at the mystical features of yellow sapphire stone and its astrological significance. The replacements for the Pukhraj stone, their significance, and the rationale for their consideration will be the focus of this blog.

What is Yellow Sapphire Stone?

Pukhraj (Kanakapushyaragam) stone is another name for the Yellow Sapphire Stone. The stone is also known as Peetamani, Guru Ratna, Pushkaraj Stone, and Pushparagam Stone. Jupiter rules over the most valuable gemstone, the pukhraj stone. This potent planet bestows intelligence, wealth, success, and excellent health. As a result, the user of the yellow sapphire stone obtains several advantages.

The color of the gemstone ranges from yellow to orange-yellow to greenish-yellow to brownish-orange. Sapphires are members of the corundum family, and their yellow hue is caused by the presence of trace elements. Iron, a trace ingredient in sapphires, lends them their yellow tint, while chromium gives them their golden colors.

What are the benefits of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstones? 

  • The Pushparagam stone is thought to have several advantages. The stone must be worn correctly to reap the most advantages. The following is the meaning of this lovely stone:

  • The gemstone’s advantages include helping the wearer’s financial situation. The gemstone promotes excellent health, fame, and success.

  • In Indian culture, the stone’s golden tint is considered fortunate. This lovely color is said to bring happiness and wealth. Thus, the yellow sapphire stone represents heavenly grace and might.

  • Gemstones have magical properties; wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone can help fend off evil.

What are the best substitutes for yellow sapphire stone? 

The following are the top Yellow Sapphire Gemstone substitutes:

Citrine gemstone 

Citrine has a lower Mohs hardness rating than sapphires. This yellow-hued gemstone is suitable for everyday use. The gemstone has comparable astrological properties to yellow sapphire. Citrine has been used throughout history. In the 17th century, Scottish men employed the stone as an ornamental jewel. This jewel was used to adorn the sword grips. Citrine stone advantages include mental and physical healing. In addition, the gemstone balances the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Crown chakras.

Yellow Topaz gemstone 

Yellow topaz is one of the most striking yellow-colored gemstones. Topaz means ‘fire’ in Sanskrit. This gemstone bestows intelligence, intellect, and good comprehension on those who wear it. The stone also strengthens the immune system and helps to regulate the Solar Plexus Chakra. Yellow topaz is crucial in providing the same benefits as yellow sapphire stone in terms of enhancing creativity, happiness, and prosperity.

Yellow Tourmaline

Last but not least, yellow tourmaline has joined our list of yellow sapphire alternatives, and we have plenty of reasons to back up our decision. To begin with, tourmaline’s golden tone is exceedingly uncommon, with gushing brilliance. Second, the golden stones of tourmaline are varied and highly beautiful.

Yellow tourmaline can help you avoid overheating by encouraging you to consume only nutritious and well-balanced foods. Yellow tourmaline also protects against negative energy and ensures that violent vibrations do not exhaust your aura. Yellow tourmaline can also help you gain courage and self-esteem. Yellow tourmaline possesses extraordinary physical qualities. It significantly improves blood circulation and boosts your immunological and neurological systems.

Where To Buy An Original Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Is a Precious and Rare Gemstone that is associated with the Planet Jupiter or Budh Grah. the Planet of Power And Courage. The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is also known as Pukhraj or Pushparagam Stone in Hindi and in South Asian Countries.

The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is part of the Navratan, the group of the 9 precious and Planetary Gemstone. The Pukhraj Stone is so beneficial as it gives so many benefits such as Helping in Success, enhancing positive energy, enhancing financial and social status and so many other benefits of wearing yellow sapphire gemstone

The Yellow Sapphire is a rare gemstone and not easily available but you can buy a High-quality and original Yellow Sapphire Gemstone from the Rashi Ratan Bhagya online Gemstone store. They are a loose gemstone wholesaler and deal in gemstones like Red Coral, Ruby, hessonite, Pearl and so many other precious and semi-precious Gemstone at the Best prices in the gemstone market, and if you buy gemstones from them so they also give certificates of authenticity.

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