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Stick on Morrocan Mosaic Tile Backsplash Sticker

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Peel and stick Moroccan Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Its thickness Moroccan tiles is one inch. They are high-gloss soft mosaics with real 3D effect, waterproof and oil-proof. They’re strong and adhesive-backed and easy to put in since it doesn’t require grout nor specific tools. The timeless backsplash stickers can be used in a variety of applications. You don’t have to fret about how to set up the Moroccan ceramic tiles because our peel-and-stick vinyl tile is simple to put in place.

Our vibrant mosaic vinyl stick-on backsplash sticker has a variety of benefits and features

Our tile sticker is a thrilling design that is making waves through the design community of interiors. There are a number of advantages. Increasingly, more people are embracing these tiles and are buying them for home renovation projects.

  • The authentic 3D effect is almost identical to the real Mexican tile.
  • Simple to maintain, install and maintain. Easy to maintain and
  • Resistant to fading, staining or moisture. It is also resistant to mildew and mildew
  • Refusive to heat from stoves and fireplace walls The humidity of bathrooms
  • Three times more adhesive glue by 3 times stronger adhesive glue, it can be glued to the walls of the shower
  • No glue, no grout and no tool and there’s no mess. It is possible to install the Moroccan stickers in just a few minutes on a dry, clean flat, smooth surface.
  • Make sure to hold it very tightly and try to avoid the piece from slipping off
  • Available in various shapes, colors, sizes and unique designs
  • Half the price of costly marble ceramic tiles and stone tiles.
  • OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

Note as well as Tips:

The tile sticker sheet can be designed to decorate interior decor for your home only , please don’t use it as a decoration for outside. We do not recommend adhering the backsplash tiles onto dusty, porous or crumbling surfaces such as the ones below.

  • Wood porous, stucco ceramic, brick or glass tile with a high relief.
  • Unpainted wallpaper with textures, Gypsum stones, etc.

Please don’t install the sticky vinyl tiles on countertops, floors and ceilings.

Global Shipping

We offer our mosaic stick-on sticker backsplash on various platforms. You can look them up here. the website for where to buy.

You can also purchase the moroccan tile backsplash on this site. The tiles will be delivered to you once the order is accepted. The cost of delivery are based on the amount of items included in the package, delivery methodused, and the location of the parcel. We will take care of the order within three working days following the acceptance of the purchase.

As the only direct-sticker manufacturer for backsplashes, we stock more than 300 designs. Take a look at Peel and Stick backsplash tile designs.

We sell cheap vinyl backsplash. Our factory is located situated in China and export our tiles for up to ten years. If you’d like to purchase a large quantity you can contact us.

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