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Importance of Septic Tank Treatment after Pumping

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Septic Tank Treatment

Are you facing issues with the functions of your septic tank? If you are looking for septic tank service, then you are at the right place. Southern Comfort Services experts provide effective solutions, and your septic tank will start functioning again. They help you with the best septic tank service, and thus you can use your toilet freely. The experts carry out septic tank pumping efficiently, and it’s the best way to clear your septic tank. Next, they will do septic tank treatment after pumping, which helps break down solid waste. 

A septic tank is an underwater sedimentation tank used for wastewater treatment through biological decomposition and drainage. A septic tank uses natural processes and proven technologies to treat wastewater. Thus you get an idea of how septic tank service helps you keep your toilet clean and even helps you stay away from the foul smell. Once you book your order, the septic tank service team will reach your place to resolve the issues.

Steps of Septic Tank Pumping 

Here is a clear view of the steps involved to carry out septic tank pumping efficiently:

Step #1: Uncovering the tank

First, the professional will open the lid of your tank. It may seem easy, but rust and general wear and tear can make it difficult. In some cases, replacing the cover may be necessary.

Step #2: Pumping the Wastewater

After they open the tank, a high-power hose with a truck-mounted vacuum system is used to evacuate the liquids and waste.

Step #3: Visual inspection

After cleaning, it’s time to check the tank’s interior and exterior for any root presence or deterioration. The professionals thoroughly check the tank, ensuring that it’s completely clear. 

Step #4: Covering the tank

Now they will close the lid. Septic tanks sometimes get buried under the ground. If the lid is clogged, the expert may suggest you install a riser. 

They have the specialized equipment needed to open the lid, and they know how to use the equipment. Septic tank pumping may take 15minutes-1hour, and it depends on the size and condition of the tank. The professionals carry out the whole procedure efficiently, and your septic tank will be free from waste.

Septic Tank Treatment

One of the key ways to keep your septic tank functioning properly is through regular maintenance. Southern Comfort Services provides excellent septic tank service and helps you improve your sewage system. The professionals first analyze your septic tank’s condition and know how to handle the problems. They know septic tank issues lead to tremendous problems and affect normal lifestyles. Experts also analyze the condition of pipes and drain fields, enabling you to learn the actual reason for the problem. After pumping, their septic tank treatment service helps you maintain the level of healthy bacteria. They have a septic saver that helps maintain the proper balance of bacteria in your septic tank. The septic saver comes in a flushable packet and is easy to use. These bacteria break down the solids into liquid waste, and thus the drainage system function perfectly. 

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