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Remove Your Mangal Dosh With the Red Coral Stone

by M Asim
Red Coral Stone

The red coral gemstone is a stone known to remove the mangal dosh from anyone’s life. The birth chart of a person affects a lot the life of a person. When Mars is in a position where it can affect your life in a negative way and is in Mahadasha, it is called Mangal Dosh.

This Mangal Dosh can have a lot of negative effects on the life of the person. This person is often called Mangalik and being a Mangalik can cause trouble in marriage and career.

To remove the effects of this Mangal Dosh, astrologers suggest wearing a red coral gemstone. The red coral gemstone is a unique stone and one of the Navratnas. Navratans are the nine most dynamic and powerful gemstones in the work as per astrology. These gemstones can impact the life of the wearer immensely.

The red coral stone also known as Moonga is powerful and has a lot of energy. This stone can work wonders in the life of the wearer.

In this article, we will discuss more about the bad effects of Mars and how to get rid of them by wearing a red coral gemstone.

Effects of Mangal Dosh 

Due to the Mangal Dosh or malefic effects of Mars in your Kundli, the biggest problem that it will cause is your marriage. It will get very difficult for you to get married or find a correct match. You have to marry a person whose Kundli can neutralize your Dosha.

Also, it can cause violence in your life as well as can make you aggressive. Negative effects of Mars tops making a a person highly aggressive and irritated. And can make the person out of control of anger.

Removing Mangal Dosh 

To remove your Mangal Dosh, the astrologer suggests that you should wear a red coral gemstone. Red coral gemstones are found in the sea and are made of marine creatures called coral polyps.

In astrology, these stones have a strong connection with the red planet, Mars. And so whoever will wear this gemstone will get the blessing of this stone.

However, you can just wear the stone directly. You have to let an expert astrologer or Pundit check your birth chart and see the suitability of the stone with it. If the stone is suitable,  you have to consult the weight, shape, and size of the gem that you should wear to gain maximum benefits of the red coral gemstone.

Some people get the best results when they wear the stone in the form of a ring while some wear it as pendants. And so it is also essential to check what form you should wear the stone in.

After you consult with your Pundit about all of these details you have to perform the Vedic pooja on the stone to activate its energy.

How to Wear the Red Coral Gemstone? 

To activate the stone and energize the red coral, wake up early on a Tuesday morning of Shukla Paksha, bathe, and wear clean clothes. Complete your daily worship rituals, now take your stone and purify it. To purify the stone, you can use Gangjal or Panchamrit. After purification, sit in a worshipping position, and chant the mantra mentioned below 108 times. When you are chanting the mantra of the red coral stone for the last time, take your stone and wear it.

Mantra – || Om Ang Angarkay Namah ||

The best metal to wear a red coral gemstone in is bronze, silver, or Gold.

You can also ask a Pandit to perform the Vedic Pooja for you.

Also, if you are wearing the stone in the form of a ring, you have to wear it in your ring finger of the working hand.

To Conclude 

The Red coral gemstone is a stone in link with the red planet Mars. Once you wear this stone with Vedic pooja, the stone will remove all the negativities from your life and will make you optimistic. Problems will automatically lessen and you will get the positive traits of the planet Mars like passion, courage, leadership, confidence, strength, and vitality.

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