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Reasons you need to hire a manufacturer’s representative in Japan

by Team Techvilly
manufacturer's representative in Japan

One of the leading giants in the business industry is the name you might all be synonymous with, the Japanese, who are capturing the world like no other. And as a part of the western world, we are obviously looking for serious business with them.

But the business ethics and decorum in Japan are certainly different from the ones that are practiced in the local market. And therefore, either you should look forward to hiring a manufacturer’s representative in Japan or get yourself acquainted with the language and the norms of the new business world.

At Amtech USA, we make sure that we are able to help you connect with Japanese manufacturers in a better and acclimatized manner.

Here are some of the basic work ethics that you would find different from the rest of the world, and therefore, one should look forward to learning them as soon as possible if you are looking to give your upward business growth.

Being yourself introduced to the right person:

Walking to the highest ranked business associate and getting yourself introduced to them is not morally and ethically correct if you are part of the business culture in Japan. Therefore, one of the most important things is to have the right set of approaches when you are looking to explore new opportunities in Japan.

If you don’t have the same rank and status as the person you are approaching, then there should be one of the thirst parties in between who could help you to reach the right place and make the formal intro.

If you are looking to form a long-term relationship in Japan that are more prone to professionalism and traditional work ethics, you should look forward to hiring those who are trusted and reliable thirst parties to help you connect. Or take the right approach for the business.

Respecting the rank and seniority of the person is essential.


Growing up, we all watched movies and cartoons that reflect the Japanese culture and the tradition of bowing and holding your bow to the senior ranks.

We have learnt that paying respect and tributes to your seniors and to your counterparts is equally important. And therefore, one should make sure to bow when you are meeting your business associate.

However, the body language of the person speaks volumes about the person you are looking to hire. Also the person with whom you intend to flourish your business.

Avoid making eye contact when you are bowing down because it is considered one of the aspects of disrespect.

Unlike the western culture, where everybody and anybody that you meet. You are expected to make a firm handshake and smile to show respect and warmth.

The tradition of meeting and greeting the person is different. Moreover, in Japanese culture, one of the most important things to note is that you tend to greet. The person by their last name, followed by San to it.

It’s an approach to level up respect and also shows your utmost warmth through these gestures.


Getting gifts for your business associates is a norm in the Japanese business world. And people are often found gifting great things to their business counterparts. However, one of the most important things to note. Here is that if you belong to the west, you might have noticed.

People often in the business circle avoid getting gifts for their seniors. And business associates as it is considered offensive and as a part of a bribe to others.

On the other hand, when you take a look at Japanese culture. There are no restrictions to be seen when it comes to obliging your business partners. Therefore. If you are flying from another country and want to please your client get some souvenirs and gifts for them.

It helps you to build a better and long-term relationship with them.

However, here it is important to mention that you don’t jump off to gifts. And greetings as soon as you form a new relationship. It takes some time to get on the bandwagon before you can begin with the gift culture.

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