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Flourish Your Pen business With Custom Pen Boxes

by Uneeb Khan
Since ancient times, people have used pens. They are available in various price ranges, premium or standard, and styles. And people enjoy purchasing various pens to make a difference and to give to their loved ones.
However, when there is a plethora of options available, it becomes difficult to select the pen for the buyer. If your pen is perfectly customized and more appealing than others, it may be sold at that time. If it isn’t, don’t expect him to buy your when there are bundles of attractive boxes available. But you can make that possible through custom packaging. Want to know how? Keep reading the whole article.

Design the box structure with the customization experts:

We know it’s not easy to replace others when the competition is tough. That’s why we have hired a talented and experienced team in the packaging industry to make that possible. They do not do everything according to their mindset to assist you in structuring your animation-related packaging into reality but in an excellent way.
You must share all the specifications like design, shades, printing method, material style, etc. By keeping this in mind, they will customize it in graphical and physical form. If you feel to bring some changes, they will do that before proceeding with the order towards wholesale.

Get a free raw sample kit for custom pen boxes:

Are you doing customization for the first time? And have no idea about customization? Don’t worry. We have a solution to that issue. You can get a free raw sample kit from us with zero production charges.
For that, you need to send us a few details about your product. For example, its cost, purpose, etc. After that, we will send you free samples of 12 to 10 boxes in different designs, shapes, etc., at your doorstep.

Five ways to give an exclusive touch to custom pen boxes:

1. Case premium pens in rigid material boxes:

The premium pen boxes cardboard should be customized in incompressible and ideally durable material boxes. Thus, rigid material boxes meet that standard; therefore, we highly recommend them.

2. Give the premium pens a glossy shine with lamination or coating:

Even rigid material boxes are ideally durable; still, we do recommend you do lamination on them. There are many benefits of laminations. Let us elaborate.
  • The laminations and coatings protect the box surface from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints.
  • With their help, the box lasts long and does not get crumble with time.
  • They work as an extra layer of protection that the box dispatch safely to the buyer
  • The laminations and coatings seal the printed surface. In this way, it does not get faded.

Laminations options for custom pen boxes:

a. Gloss lamination:

Do you want to glossy shine? Apply gloss lamination. Its water-resistant coating intensifies the design print grace due to its reflective shine.  But it may be challenging to read with gloss lamination.

b. Matte lamination:

For natural and dull lamination, it is perfect. It also balances darker shades like black due to its luster property.

c. Spot UV:

If you want to laminate the printed design, then use spot UV. But remember it is not environment friendly.

d. Aqueous coating:

The aqueous coating can give both matte and gloss effects. In comparison with laminations, it is 100% nature free and recyclable.

3. Do inside printing for impressive unboxing:

Inner beauty is essential in exclusive packaging the way outer is. For that reason, design the inner surface in different shades or design with PMS and CMYK color schemes. We suggest you do 24k gold printing for an exclusive unboxing experience. As gold is a premium shade and always looks expensive feel in customization.

4. Keep pen intact in custom inserts:

Keep custom inserts to keep a pen in a presentable position for a good impression. We have cardboard, kraft, simple foam, and EVA foam inserts. All of these have different rates, from cheap to high. You can use choose insets according to your budget.

5. Use add-ons for sophisticated finishing:

The add-ons are mandatory for exclusive finishing. We have the most likely, demanding, and perfect add-on option for custom pen boxes. You can choose any of them.

Perks of working with iCustomBoxes:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Economical rates without additional charges
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Zero die-cut or plate charges
  • Free raw sample kit
  • Eco-friendly material (cardboard, kraft, rigid and corrugated
  • The first-rate printing press (offset, digital, and off screening)
  • PMS and CMYK color schemes
  • Superior customization tools
  • Chance to work with the best packaging team

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