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Optical metrology: Another angle to consider

by Darshan Fame
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Optical metrology is the study and practise of measuring with light. The characteristics of things, such as their sizes, distances, and temperatures, or those of light and light sources, may be the focus of these measurements. Because measured properties of light are frequently used for other purposes as well, such as the creation of extremely accurate optical clocks, there is no clear distinction between those sectors.

Using optical metrology, make your illusions clear.

Despite often being incredibly accurate, optical metrology is ultimately limited by laser noise or quantum noise in detection.

The majority of optical measurement equipment are quick and perfect for monitoring industrial production processes or in-process metrology.

The majority of optical measurement equipment is non-destructive. Even very delicate parts can be examined without risk of harm using non-contact techniques.

Multiple measuring tools are used in optical metrology. To measure those, specialised calibration light sources are required, which deliver light with optical power, brightness, or wavelength that are clearly defined. For instance, one type of spectral lamp produces quasi-monochromatic light with a well-defined wavelength.

Most frequently, Coordinate measuring machine (CMMs) are used to test a part or assembly to see if it adheres to the original design intent. The dimensions of manufactured components are checked using Coordinate measuring machines as part of workflows for quality assurance or quality control in order to prevent or address quality issues.

VIEW Optical metrology: Let’s pay for intelligence

The largest vision metrology company in the world, Quality Vision International, Inc., created the VIEW Micro-Metrology division through the merger of VIEW Engineering and Micro-Metric.

Thanks to the combined expertise of VIEW Engineering and Micro-Metric, the top technology companies in micromanufacturing, data storage, semiconductor, solar cells, and MEMs are able to develop and control crucial manufacturing processes and product quality. Customers also have access to a global network of engineering, manufacturing, and software resources made available through QVI.

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