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Office cleaning: How to clean offices fast?

by Team Techvilly

Office cleaning: How to clean offices fast? 

Office cleanliness is essential to present a good image and create a productive workspace. Therefore, it is convenient that you do not let it go. At SCS Group Integrated Services Cleaning and Maintenance, we know well how to clean offices quickly and we want to share it with you these 5 keys to keep in mind to make the task easy.

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The office is the business card of a business before clients and suppliers. This makes it necessary for cleanliness and order to be impeccable in order to convey an image of quality and professionalism.

A clean and tidy office also creates an optimal work environment. On the one hand, it helps to favor the performance of employees and increase their productivity and, on the other, it is important for the health care of the work team, since it manages to reduce the spread of seasonal diseases and reduce typical allergy symptoms.

The benefits of a clean and tidy workspace are many. There is no time to lose. Learn in this how to clean offices fast. Go for it!


  • 1 5 keys to knowing how to clean offices fast
    • 1.1 1. Organize your space so that cleaning is faster
    • 1.2 2. Clean furniture and devices
    • 1.3 3. Keep the windows clean
    • 1.4 4. Bathroom cleaning
    • 1.5 5. Clean the floor
  • 2 Learn a little more about how to clean offices fast

5 keys to knowing how to clean offices fast

Do you already know why office cleaning and maintenance are essential?  Without a doubt, it is a vital issue to generate a pleasant work environment. Clear the office to organize cleaning.

Even so, many times time is upon us and it is important to know how to clean offices quickly so that they are impeccable.

1. Organize your space so that cleaning is faster

Space organization is the first key to getting started with quick office cleaning. The objective of this first step is to remove garbage from baskets, desks and corridors. In addition, we advise you to throw away everything that is not useful or that is not necessary .

It will also be important to save each item in the right place . Cups and plates, in the kitchen. Bookstore items, in a particular drawer or cabinet. Recycled sheets, in the copier box. And the examples could go on. Nothing should be left out of place around the office .

This key is like the cleaning ace. Why? Because with this “great little trick” you can maintain cleanliness and order on a daily basis. The slogan is to clear the office every day so as not to accumulate dirt.

2. Clean furniture and devices

  • Desks, shelves and cabinets

When cleaning office furniture, there is only one rule: depending on the material with which we made it, a certain cleaning product should be used.

In general, for most surfaces, a damp microfiber cloth with neutral detergent is the best option for cleaning desks, shelves, and cabinets. But if the furniture to be cleaned is made of a delicate material, we advise you to use a duster.

  • Chairs and upholstered surfaces

The cleaning of the chairs must be done with a natural product to avoid damaging the material. If the surface of the seat to be cleaned is upholstered, it is appropriate to use a vacuum cleaner. Because of the type of material with which we make them, they tend to accumulate dust and dirt more easily.

  • Computer devices and phones

Removing dust and dirt from computing devices requires attention. We should never spray directly the cleaning product, as there is a risk of wetting the inside of the equipment.

For computers, screens, printers, photocopies, and other electronic equipment, we also recommend the use of a microfiber cloth slightly moistened with a soapy cleaning product with a neutral PH.

Office telephones are items of intensive use and are often exchanged between users. For this reason, it is important to disinfect these devices daily and thus avoid the spread of diseases.

3. Keep the crystals clean

Window cleaning is usually an important heavy task to assess with seeing how to clean offices fast. For this reason, we recommend that you spend a few minutes checking the condition of the crystals so that dirt does not accumulate. Thus this part of the office toilet becomes simpler.

Use glass cleaner and water to remove stains. Then you can dry and polish with special cloths for this type of surface.

4. Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom disinfection is another of the essentials of quick professional office cleaning. It is a site of frequent use throughout the day and accumulates germs and bacteria that can affect the health of the work team.

To clean sinks, rub the entire surface with a cloth or sponge soaked in a special product for bathrooms. Don’t forget to rinse with water afterward to give shine. It is recommended that you use ammonia or bleach to disinfect.

For the toilets, use a specific bathroom cleaner and disinfect inside and outside. Then remember to pass a brush inside and go over the edges and the lid to achieve optimal cleaning.

5. Clean the floor

We come to the fifth key: cleaning the floor. Just like cleaning furniture, you need to identify the type of surface material so you know what cleaning products to use .

The cotton mop is the most suitable when it comes to seeing how to clean offices quickly. This element allows to easily trap the dust, in a short period of time. Then you can pass a microfiber mop with a neutral product dissolved in water to make them shine.

Learn a little more about how to clean offices fast

If you want to add more brightness to your office, you can also take into account these recommendations:

  • Cleaning frequency: Setting a frequency helps to maintain cleaning in the long term. Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even for hours. The decision is in the hands of your needs.
  • Quality of the products: controlling the effectiveness of the products is important to guarantee a successful result. Saving by using low-cost products or not testing their effectiveness complicates maintaining office cleanliness. Over time, deep cleaning will be necessary‚Ķand a lot of time.
  • Qualified personnel: if you hire an office cleaning agency, take into account the experience and commitment of your work team. In short, they will be in charge of projecting a good image of your business.

These were the 5 Cleaning and Maintenance keys to knowing how to clean offices fast. Put these tricks into practice and make your workspace shine. If you need help, we are here to offer you the best service. Contact us

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