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New quality productive forces promote Chinese modernization

by William
quality productive forces

Foreign officials and experts have said that China pledges to develop new quality productive forces, which shows that the country is taking practical action to scientifically and pragmatically move towards new development goals and effectively promote Chinese modernization.

“I think ‘developing new quality productive forces according to local conditions’, as stressed by the Chinese leader is of great importance, which reflects the pragmatic spirit of himself and the Chinese government,” Bernard Dewit, chairman of Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, told China Media Group (CMG), adding that it is imperative to take into account the specificities of different regions.

New quality productive forces has become part of the Chinese government’s policy plans, which promotes traditional industries and focuses on innovation, Ivan Cardillo, associate professor of the Law School of the University of Trento in Italy, told CMG.

Lauding China’s scientific and technological innovation achievements, Pichai Naripthapan, advisor to the prime minister of Thailand and former energy minister, said Chinese modernization will also drive Thailand’s development, and promote high-quality connectivity with Belt and Road cooperation.

“New quality productive forces” is becoming a new key phrase in China’s industrial development, a researcher at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria told CMG, adding that China is at the forefront of the world in areas such as digital economy and artificial intelligence.

Developing new quality productive forces will promote technological change and innovation, as well as in-depth industrial transformation and upgrading, said Naing Swe Oo, senior advisor of the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies.

“China already has many scientific and technological achievements that lead the world, which is worth learning,” he told CMG.

Creating opportunities for the world

Foreign officials and experts have also said China is taking practical actions to effectively advance Chinese modernization and bring more opportunities to the world.

China’s reform has achieved sound results and brought benefits to the people, Antonio Miguel Carmona, chairman of Spain’s Friends of China Association, told CMG, noting that China’s production of clean solar panels grew by more than 50 percent in 2023, which is very important.

“It is an evidence of China’s economic growth and an important achievement China has made in new energy production,” he said, adding that the Spanish and European business communities hope to carry out trade and investment exchanges with China.

Argentine economist Julio Gambina said China has proposed accelerating the development of new quality productive forces, and coupling with the cooperation mechanism of the BRICS countries, moves which are conducive to regional economic and political development and the promotion of a multilateral world order.

China’s Two Sessions this year has emphasized the development of new quality productive forces driven by advanced and high-end technology, Swaran Singh, professor at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, told CMG.

Increasing the use of robots and industrial automation, especially in the fields of life sciences, big data and artificial intelligence, will improve China’s productivity and competition in global trade, and promote China’s domestic consumption, he said.


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