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Natural Bath Product

by Team Techvilly

Bathing is a daily experience for every human, and this helps you get refreshed and clean. So if you want to make the bathing experience enjoyable and filled with freshness, always think of our natural olive oil-based soap, which takes your bathing experience to the next level. Why choose our product?

  • It is moisturizing.
  • It has zero chemicals.
  • Our packaging has no plastics.
  • It is suitable for any skin.

Our olive oil-based soap is made with the following ingredients; Swiss spring water, salt, rosemary seed extract, cold-pressed organic olive oil, and organic coconut. We mainly use natural products because nowadays most of the products are made with chemicals which are very harmful to our health and our environment. Usually, after taking a bath, most people will apply some perfume to have a good cent, but our soap is made with products that will keep you fresh and with a good scent. We also have a wide range of natural soaps that every customer will choose from, and because things nowadays are becoming too expensive, our products are selling at the most affordable price. You can get them by visiting our web at www.swissoniq.com.

Powerful detox cleansing bar.

Buy a powerful cleansing bar at swisstoniq.com, where we offer the product at a very affordable price every single person can afford. Our dead sea soap is one of the best cleansing bars that powerfully pull out impurities deep within the pores. We say it is powerful because this is a type of bar soap like no other. It powerfully removes impurities instead of uncapping the skin, provides a host of nutrients that helps rebuild the skin’s natural protective barrier, and helps rebalance skin problems. It also does well in helping you get a flawless complexion and fight acne. In addition, all its ingredients are organic, vegan, and unbleached, with zero chemicals

Directions for use.

With lukewarm running water and lather hands, rub it with the soap. Then massage the soap on the face, neck, and body, avoiding the eyes, then rinse. But you don’t need to rinse too much because some of the residues on the skin are not detergent like other soaps. But it is a nutrient that will quickly be absorbed into the skin. For deeper skin, deep cleansing of pores or dry skin, massage soap onto your face, body, and neck for one or two minutes before rinsing.

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