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My Experience with My Shopify SEO Agency

by Team Techvilly

I help run a medium-sized eCommerce business with a Shopify website. My managers got it in their heads that we needed to boost our marketing efforts and after a bit of research, I suppose they decided SEO was the way to move forward. I don’t make the decisions, I execute commands.

Now, with that being said, I don’t usually write reviews. Actually, I generally hate the idea of it. I do my job and I expect the people I hire to do theirs. That’s that, a day’s work for a day’s pay.

But my experience with 1DigitalⓇ Agency was atypical so I figured someone in my position might be able to benefit from what I have to offer.

If you’re having reservations about outsourcing your organic marketing efforts to a Shopify SEO agency, I get you. I was in that position too – but I can wholeheartedly recommend 1DigitalⓇ Agency.

First off, it’s not like I have extensive experience working with agencies, but the agencies with which I have worked, well, let’s just say my experience has been somewhat less than positive.

In my experience, marketing agencies, though they may mean well, may not be the best communicators, shall we say. It is often very hard to understand how and where the money you’re giving them is being used. Even more frustrating, it’s tough to see what your return on investment really is.

So that gave me reservation when the proverbial bosses told me I’d have to find a good agency to support our search engine optimization efforts. On the one hand, I don’t understand digital marketing that well, and on the other, I’m not really sure what makes a marketing agency “good.” Like I said, the entire process seems like smoke and mirrors to me.

So I rolled the dice on 1DigitalⓇ Agency. That much I admit. But the gamble paid off spectacularly.

Yes, the expense was still there, and 1DigitalⓇ Agency is positioned as a premier marketing agency, so it wasn’t exactly cheap. But, from the first day I signed with them, they were eager and communicative about bringing me into calls to explain the strategy and set a course for the campaign.

Their technical team ran a site audit and uncovered issues with our Shopify website I didn’t even know we had. Broken links, duplicate content, and other errors they said would affect “technical SEO” and all that. I didn’t understand it on a granular level, but I can see how broken links are bad for a website.

They fixed these, performed keyword research, and started sending me optimized page copy and blogs that they said would improve my organic impressions. They showed me exactly where everything would be published and when.

I was slightly skeptical, but it worked. They did all the heavy lifting (I didn’t even need to post) and they did all the reporting, too, and a few months later, wouldn’t you know organic impressions did start to creep up. They walked me through organic traffic increases in Google Analytics and Google Seach Console and made everything make sense.

Things are still getting better, but they’ve definitely earned my trust. Their SEO consultants have even suggested that a web design project can potentially help my online store’s conversion rates and that a social media campaign can boost the efforts of their Shopify SEO services.

Obviously, nothing is set in stone, but they weren’t blowing smoke with their SEO efforts and I trust what they suggest as far as other Shopify marketing strategies for this eCommerce store. If they made it happen once they can make it happen again.

At any rate, I can wholeheartedly recommend 1DigitalⓇ Agency’s Shopify SEO experts, partially because their service is so good, partially because they did what they said they were going to do, and partially because my experience with other agencies was not good. If you need a Shopify SEO agency, I can’t recommend them enough.

You don’t need to take my word for it. Visit their website, 1DigitalAgency.com, where you can learn more about their Shopify SEO campaigns, the industries they serve, and even to see a bunch of case studies.

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