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Most common and effective professional cleaning techniques

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Most common and effective professional cleaning techniques

If something defines the objective of SCS Group Cleaning Solution, it is to ensure that professionals have adequate professional cleaning adapted to the needs of each company. To do this, we have the best cleaning machinery to carry out the most common and effective professional cleaning techniques.

The importance of professional cleaning for the company

Industrial or professional cleaning is not only a matter of aesthetics. It is proven that working in a clean, healthy, and hygienic environment improves the productivity and efficiency of employees and the company in general.

Applying the appropriate professional cleaning techniques to each workspace promotes the protection of the health of all the people who work in it or who come as clients. What they achieve by improving the quality and environmental health that is breathed in these interiors and avoiding accidents due to inefficient cleaning and maintenance?

Different types of stains and different surfaces require procedures that effectively remove dirt without damaging the treated surfaces or objects.

Different methods. Effective results

Specialist cleaning companies must know and know how to apply the different cleaning techniques. The need to remove dirt while maintaining and preserving each surface to be treated has led to the development of different cleaning methods. Different types of stains and different surfaces require procedures that effectively remove dirt without damaging the treated surfaces or objects.

It is necessary to use different cleaning techniques taking into account the different uses and users of the spaces, and the types of surfaces and objects to be cleaned. The specific cleaning protocol must be applied to each one of them, knowing if disinfection, sterilization, or disinfection is needed.

When we talk about cleaning we believe that we all know how to clean. Since almost all of us have had contact with cleaning in our domestic environment. Cleaning private homes does not require a special cleaning method. But it is true that cleaning the home with professional methods is much more effective and lasting.

Steam cleaning techniques

One of the most common professional cleaning techniques is the one that uses steam to remove embedded dirt.

Steam cleaning offers great advantages to professionals, and all without having to add detergents or other harmful chemicals. This not only protects people’s health but also the environment.

Thanks to steam generation machines, deeper hygiene of homes, premises, and industries are achieved. In fact, steam can remove up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungus, mites, and mold from all washable surfaces. This improves air quality and avoids allergic reactions.

Another advantage of this cleaning technique is that it is especially effective on grease and elimination of bad odors.

Cleaning techniques with pressurized water

High-pressure washers also use water to provide efficient and easy cleaning. Although in this case, instead of only taking advantage of the effect of the high temperatures in the water, it also uses the speed of the high pressure to remove the most persistent dirt.

Hot water pressure washers allow you to reduce the working pressure, the time spent cleaning, and the number of detergents. So professional cleaning and reducing harmful germs become more efficient and environmentally safe.

Another advantage of this cleaning technique is that it requires less drying time. Therefore, the areas or machinery that are cleaned with pressurized hot water will be available beforehand to continue using them.

Polishing in professional cleaning

Floor polishing is another of the most common professional cleaning techniques.

These professional machines help keep the floor always clean and shiny like the first day. In addition, today there are polishers that adapt to many surfaces in order to offer the best results depending on the needs of each user.

Polishing machines help to recover lost shine in a unique way, which would be impossible to achieve with other conventional cleaning techniques.

Vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and scrubbers for companies

These cleaning techniques are essential in any type of interior, whether in homes, offices, premises, or factories. And although at home we carry them out with more basic cleaning tools, for professional environments it is necessary to have vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and scrubbers that offer a more optimal result and are more suitable for large spaces. So besides getting a more efficient cleaning, you also save time and, therefore, money.

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