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How To Find the Right Mobile App Developer For Your Startup App Idea?

by Team Techvilly
Mobile App Developer For Your Startup App Idea

From small-scale to large-scale businesses, a business app has become essential. The market is competitive, and to sustain, you need to develop an app. 

According to Statista, the global app market will reach USD 206.73 billion by 2023. Mobile app development is one of the profitable niches, and developing an app for this can be a great idea. 

If you are a startup and searching for a mobile app developer, this blog is for you. We will discuss the necessary steps to find the right mobile app developer for your startup. 

Steps To Find The Right Mobile App Developer For Your Startup App Idea

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1) In-House App Development Team

If you are planning to hire an in-house team, the development cost becomes expensive. When you are hiring an in-house developer, you need to manage expenses like:

i) Office Rent

ii) Employee Salary

iii) Operational Expenses

But, the benefit you will get by hiring their team is:

i) You can communicate well with your team

ii) Control over the development process

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iii) Having Flexibility 

If we talk about the average wages, iOS developers are paid $1,23,008, and Android developers are paid $1,21,240 annually. 

When hiring an in-house development team, the developers are dedicated to their work. You can develop the project the way you want. 

Thus, hiring an in-house development team is effective and efficient as well. 

2) Freelancers

Hiring a freelance developer is the best option you can opt for. But, there are many challenges that you can face through the development phase. 

i) You can’t manage your time with them.  

ii) There can be a huge communication gap.

iii) Maintenance and support are not guaranteed by them.

If these things are manageable for you, a freelancer is the best option for your startup app idea. 

There are many online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc., where you can hire developers at an hourly cost.

3) Mobile App Development Company

If you are a person who is in search of a full-stack solution, you can hire a mobile app development company for your project. 

There are many development companies available in the market. You can approach any of them to proceed with the development of the app.

Most business leaders prefer hiring developers from the USA, India, or North America. The development cost varies from $75,000 and may go high depending on the app’s complexity. 

4) Offshore App Developers

If you are a startup or small-scale business and planning to develop an app, offshore is the best option. 

There are many mobile app development companies where you will get skilled and professional developers. 

These developers can be hired by paying a minimal cost. You can hire these developers on a contract basis.


We believe that this blog has helped you in choosing the best idea for your app development. You can hire an app developer company from the above ideas which suit best for you.

​If you are based in the US, UK, or any other developed country, there is a high chance that you can connect with some good mobile app developers.

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