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Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Franchise in India

by M Asim

The sight of soft, expertly cooked meats alongside the perfume Kebab f sizzling spices have made kebabs a cherished mainstay of Indian cuisine. Kebab franchise have become a tempting business option for prospective entrepreneurs as the food industry changes. Selecting the ideal kebab franchise needs serious thought and research. They look at the typical mistakes that prospective franchisees in India should stay away from when they start a kebab franchise in this post.

1. Overlooking the Importance of Brand Reputation

One of the biggest mistakes made by prospective franchisees is not doing enough work on the reputation of the franchise logo they are thinking about.

Spend some time learning about the franchise’s background, client, as well as wide reputation in the industry. Ask existing franchisees about their genuine thoughts on the brand’s support and the realities of operating a business. Recall that you are associating yourself with a brand name rather than merely purchasing into a kebab shop. It might be difficult to restore a damaged reputation, regardless of how good your kebabs are. 

2. Underestimating the Financial Commitment

Not completely comprehending or preparing for the financial responsibilities of operating a kebab franchise is another frequent mistake.

The franchise fee upon launch is only the beginning. A lot of potential franchisees ignore the entire expenditure needed because they are only concerned with this initial outlay. This covers costs for things like initial inventory, working capital, equipment acquisitions, leasehold upgrades, and continuous royalties. It is vital to control a comprehensive understanding of not only the initial outlay but also the anticipated ongoing costs alongside possible earnings. Having a solid financial plan will help you overcome any short-term difficulties along with positioning you for long-term success.

3. Neglecting to Assess Market Demand and Location

Failing to accurately assess market demand and choose an inappropriate site are two crucial mistakes made when selecting a kebab franchise.

Your ability to succeed as a kebab franchise greatly rests on your ability to act appropriately. To comprehend local consumer preferences, competition, and demography, conduct in-depth market research. Does the area you have chosen have a market for kebabs? While analyzing possible locations in close collaboration with the franchisor, don’t forget to rely on your local expertise. Recall that what functions well in one neighborhood or city may not function well in another. Your business should close a loophole.

4. Ignoring the Importance of Operational Support

Many new franchisees undervalue the importance of the franchisor’s continuous operational support, which might cause problems later on.

Look past the first training session when assessing kebab franchises. What kind of continuing assistance is provided by the franchisor? This could involve support with marketing, operational direction, troubleshooting, and frequent training updates. A reputable franchisor should care about your business and provide you the resources and training you require to succeed. In the cutthroat world of food franchising, having the correct operational support can mean the difference between a struggling and succeeding firm.

5. Failing to Align with Personal Goals and Values

Selecting a kebab franchise that doesn’t fit with your goals, or working style is a mistake that is sometimes ignored.

Think about how your goals for your career and personal life fit with the franchise. Do you feel comfortable with the required degree of involvement? Do you share the same values and culture as the franchise? While some franchises might offer more flexibility, others can demand long hours and active management. Consider your long-term objectives. Do you think you’ll be running more than one location in the future, or are you happy with just one successful site? In the long term, choosing a franchise that fits with your personal vision will increase your drive and sense of fulfillment.

6. Disregarding the Importance of Menu Flexibility and Innovation

Kebab franchise owners risk losing a lot of money by undervaluing menu innovation and adaptability in the fast-paced food market.

In franchising, adaptability to shifting consumer tastes is just as important as consistency. Analyze the franchise’s methods for developing innovative menu items. Do they frequently launch new products or discounts at certain seasons? Is it possible to adapt locally to suit regional preferences? If a franchise has too many menu items, it could find it difficult to adapt to changing consumer preferences and culinary trends.This flexibility might assist in maintaining the perception of your franchise as new and interesting.

7. Underestimating the Power of Marketing and Brand Positioning

Not appreciating the value of marketing and the franchise’s positioning in the industry enough is a big mistake.

A kebab chain might succeed or fail based on its marketing strategy. Examine the national and local marketing methods employed by the franchisor. What sort of assistance do they offer for regional marketing campaigns? How do they make use of digital marketing and social media? Think about how the company is positioned: does it strive for a more sophisticated dining experience, or is it viewed as a quick and casual option? Investigate any cooperative advertising initiatives as well as the franchisor-franchisee split of marketing expenses.

8. Overlooking Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ignoring legal and regulatory compliance challenges particular to the food business and franchising in India could be a disastrous error.

There are several legal and regulatory obligations associated with running a food franchise, ranging from labor regulations to standards for food safety. Make sure the franchise you are thinking about offers thorough counsel on these issues and has a solid compliance history. Additionally, keep in mind any civil rules that can have an impact on your company, including zoning law set forth by the health department for restaurants. 

9. Neglecting to Consider Supply Chain and Vendor Relationships

Not carefully reviewing the franchise’s vendor relationships and supply chain is a mistake that is frequently missed.

Your supplies and ingredient quality have a big impact on the consistency and quality of your kebabs. Examine the franchise’s supply chain management practices. Do they have trustworthy sources for essential ingredients? Exist fallback plans in case the supply is disrupted? In this sense, certain franchises might be more flexible, while others might insist on tight adherence to predetermined suppliers. Additionally, consider the challenges of delivering supplies to your location, particularly if it’s a distant one. While a badly managed supply chain might result in quality problems, a well-managed one can guarantee constant quality and assist control costs.

10. Failing to Plan for Growth and Scalability

Finally, failing to take into account the kebab franchise’s capacity for long-term expansion and scalability is a grave error.

As crucial as it is to concentrate on opening and operating your first site, you also need to consider what lies ahead. Does the franchise provide chances to own many units? What kind of assistance do they offer growing franchisees? Think about how the expansion plan of the franchise fits in with your personal goals. Are there any protected areas that might prevent you from growing in the future? Additionally, consider how scalable the business concept is in general. Is it built in a way that allows for the management of several locations? 


In India, starting a Tandooriwala franchise may be thrilling alongside a possibly profit making aim. But as have seen, in order to improve their chances of success, prospective franchisees need to avoid a number of common errors.At the end of the day, a successful kebab franchise isn’t only about having good food; it’s also about having strong business sense, being flexible enough to adjust to changing market conditions, and being dedicated to excellence in all facets of your business.

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