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Maple Syrup: Nutrition Facts And Benefits

by Team Techvilly

Pure Maple Syrup contains several advantages, such as 24 natural antioxidants that lessen the effects of free radicals, which cause inflammation and also reduce chronic illness.

Maple Syrup Nutrition Facts

One tablespoon of syrup made from maple has approximately:

  • 0.58 milligrams manganese
  • 0.29 milligrams zinc
  • 20 milligrams calcium
  • 42 milligrams potassium
  • 0.02 milligrams iron
  • 4 milligrams magnesium


1. Containing A Variety Of Antioxidants

In studies comparing the total antioxidant content of natural sweeteners with refined sugar products such as either corn syrup or white sugar, significant variations in the total antioxidant content were observed. Sugar refined, corn syrup, and agave nectar have a low level of antioxidants, while maple syrup, blackstrap and dark brown sugar, molasses raw honey, and brown sugar showed greater antioxidant power (with Molasses being the most powerful).

A compelling reason for the sweetener you prefer? Maple syrup’s nutrition is remarkable in terms of providing antioxidants that protect it. Medical journal Pharmaceutical Biology revealed that pure maple syrup has more than 24 antioxidants. 

These antioxidants, which are in their phenolic form can be beneficial in reducing free radical damage which could cause inflammation and lead to the development of a variety of chronic illnesses. When you can, choose dark, grade B maple syrups because they have more beneficial antioxidants than lighter syrups do.

Some of the main antioxidants present in maple syrup are benzoic acid, gallic acids as well as cinnamic acid, and a variety of flavonols such as catechin epicatechin quercetin, rutin, and catechin. While the majority are present at very low levels, some are more abundant It’s possible that the benefits of these antioxidants may help to mitigate some of the negatives of eating the syrup’s large volume of sugar.

2. Receives A Lower Score In The Glycemic Index

Sugar that is refined, as well as carbohydrates generally are rapidly metabolized in the liver. This can trigger the body to experience a “sugar high,” followed by a rapid “sugar crash.” Even more troubling, eating excessive amounts of sugar can quickly increase the blood sugar level and increases the levels of insulin. This eventually can result in reduced insulin response and issues controlling blood glucose, which this being the primary reason that diabetes is developed.

But, remember that eating too much sugar, no matter the source, is among the major causes of the most prevalent health issues – such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, even natural sweeteners such as maple syrup are best used in very small quantities. 

In terms of ways to reverse the effects of diabetes on your body naturally or for other blood-sugar-related diseases It is best to reduce sugar consumption in general and to stay clear of refined sugar.

3. Combats Inflammatory Diseases

Because maple syrup nutrition supplies inflammation-reducing polyphenol antioxidants, it can be considered part of a healthy diet that’s helpful in preventing certain diseases like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, or heart disease. 

The plant-based components in maple syrup decrease the oxidative stress that can cause us to age more quickly and weaken the immune system.

4. Could Help Protect Against Cancer

There is evidence that suggests that in certain degrees sugar may cause cancer or at the very least contribute to it however, maple syrup appears to be a less harmful sweetener. This is because of the antioxidants found in maple syrup which can shield the cells against DNA mutation and damage. 

While it’s unlikely that maple syrup will likely reduce the risk of getting cancerous, it is a healthier option than consuming the high amount of artificial sweeteners or refined sugar in your daily diet.

5. Aids Protect Skin Health

Many people swear by applying the syrup to their skin by applying it directly onto their skin. Like fresh honey, raw maple syrup is able to assist in reducing the appearance of redness, inflammation, and dryness. 

It can also help with blemishes. In combination with raw milk, yogurt-rolled oatmeal and fresh honey blend are applied on the skin to create masks that hydrate the skin while also reducing the presence of bacteria and indications of irritation.

6. Alternative To Sugar For Improved Digestion

Consuming large amounts of refined sugar could cause candida as well as IBS and leaky gut syndrome, and other digestive issues. One of the most effective ways to cure leaky gut or conditions that cause autoimmune disease is to cut down on the consumption of refined sugar and opt for smaller quantities of natural sweeteners instead.

Many artificial sweeteners can create symptoms of indigestion such as gas, bloating, constipation, and cramping. In order to keep the digestive tract in better shape free of chemicals and the harm caused due to a high-sugar lifestyle, maple syrup is an excellent alternative for baking goods, yogurt, or oatmeal smoothies.

7. The Supply Of Important Vitamins And Minerals

It is a good source of manganese and zinc in relatively significant amounts as well as calcium and potassium. Zinc is a powerful antioxidant that can fight off diseases and boost your immunity because it helps keep the level of white blood cells in check and manganese plays a key part in carbohydrate and fat metabolism as well as absorption of calcium and blood sugar regulation nervous system and brain function.

8. A Healthier Alternative To Artificial Sweeteners

If you are a regular user of artificial sweeteners, or refined sugar products like sucralose, Splenda aspartame, agave, or sugar, consider swapping them out in favor of raw honey and maple syrup as soon as you can. 

Artificial sweeteners, even though they might be low in calories but can cause a myriad of health issues, including obesity, fatigue depression, anxiety, and learning disabilities, as well as short-term memory loss and more.

Numerous illnesses are aggravated by the repeated use of artificial sweeteners over time. And they have adverse outcomes when it comes to weight loss also. 

It’s possible to develop a dependence on artificial sweeteners that are used in a wide variety of light or diet food items, as they alter your craving for food and your ability to control your body’s indicators of fullness and hunger.

It’s not linked to any illnesses, and also provides more satisfaction due to its sweet and natural flavor.

9. Could Enhance  The Effects Of Antibiotics

Antibiotics can appear to be an effective, simple answer to many diverse illnesses however, as research is released and it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid the dangers and negative effects of using antibiotics. Although they target bad bacteria antibiotics also target healthy cells. The use of antibiotics in excess leads to the development in the form of “superbugs” that no longer react to treatment with antibiotics.

The extract of maple syrup helped the antibiotics function more effectively. How? Researchers have discovered that the extract boosted the bacteria’s permeability which allowed antibiotics to penetrate the cells of the bacterium.

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