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Lovely Wholesale- Why is the Plus-size Fashion Industry becoming popular?

by Uneeb Khan
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India’s Harnaaz Sandhu is the Miss Universe 2021″ was the news that made headlines in the year 2021. The news created a buzz among the netizens. People became very curious to know about Harnaaz Sandhu. She became one of the most searched persons not just in her country India but also in the world. In short, the girl who was a common person before the crowning became a celebrity the moment she was crowned. Miss Universe Pageant happens every year. And every year among the many contestants, a more suitable contestant is declared the winner. That’s the story of every year. Then what was special about the 2021 crowning? Why did Harnaaz Sandhu become an overnight sensation? So, becoming the Miss Universe at the very young age of 21 years old is extraordinary in itself. It’s not a small achievement! It’s just unbelievable!! And hence she deserved all the limelight. But she became the centre of attraction not just for her title but because there’s something more than that. Harnaaz Sandhu hit the headlines because of her fearless attitude. She appeared courageous enough to voice her opinions. So in an interview, she revealed that she was body shamed in her school. And the reason she was body shamed was that she was too skinny. She spoke about it confidently. This was not the first time she talked about body shaming. Harnaaz has been enjoying the days in her home “India” after the global feat. She was being invited as chief guest. She was receiving the love and respect that she deserved. Everything was going well in her hometown. The human body needs a break. Before winning the pageant, Harnaaz was busy gymming and working out. After winning the pageant, she got the time to get some breaks. Hence she stopped gymming and all. She spent her time with her family. And also enjoyed different types of food at home. But that started to show on her body. Before she would realise that, she had gained some kilos of weight. So, body shaming is something that celebrities are not even spared from. Harnaaz also became the victim of online body shaming and trolling because of her excess body weight. She was bullied by the netizens because she looked fat. In an interview, she talked about that. Harnaaz voiced her opinion about the body shaming that every woman goes through. She advised the women not to get affected by what anyone is telling them. Instead, embrace their body with their flaws. As no one is born perfect. Harnaaz also said that before she used to get affected by the trolling. She even cried at that time. But she has now gone through that phase. Now she doesn’t care what the people say about her body. She loves her body and that’s the thing that matters to her. In short, Harnaaz is someone whom all the women who become a victim of body shaming can look up to. She is an example that society will mock a woman whether she is too thin or she is of plus size. Whatever her body weight she will be looked down upon. Hence women should feel positive about their bodies. That’s what is called body positivity! Before, women used to live according to society. But today women are breaking the body stereotypes set by society. More and more women are challenging the beauty standards of society. Especially the plus-size women who used to feel embarrassed of their body weight. They are now embracing their body. Instead of going to the gym or trying ways to reduce their weight, they are flaunting their curvier bodies. Before there were not enough varieties of fashionable clothes available for the plus sized women. They were forced to wear clothes that were particularly for thin women but were big. Plus-size women didn’t get to buy clothes that were made particularly for them. In short, the fashion industry neglected plus-sized women. But today due to increasing interest and support for body positivity, the fashion industry is considering plus size fashion too. Separate corners for plus-size women are being included too. They are getting the place they deserve. Things are changing! Though the plus-size fashion industry is becoming popular, there are still many things that need a course correction. And if that happens, then the time is near when the plus-size fashion industry will take over the normal fashion industry. Plus-size women will become the face of the fashion industry. Just a matter of time! LovelyWholesale is the platform where plus-size women’s interests are valued more. It’s an online shopping platform where plus-size women can get varieties of fashionable clothes. That too at bank-balanced rates using LovelyWholesale deals. They should not waste this opportunity. As the LovelyWholesale sale is in full swing!! Plus size should embrace their size by doing some Lovely Wholesale shopping. Because why not? Read onto to know the reasons why the plus-size fashion industry is becoming popular: 

  1. Social media and its positive impact:

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of humans. But in the modern century, social media has become the fourth basic need of humans. Almost everyone is present on social media. It’s like a mini world! A person living in any corner of the world comes to know whatever happens in the world. That’s the power of social media!! Many online fashion influencers are challenging body stereotypes set by society. They are fighting against body shaming. And also inspiring women to embrace their body size. Especially the plus-size women who are body shamed. Women who used to feel embarrassed about their plus size are now flaunting it. With every passing day, the movement of body positivity is getting stronger. And all thanks to the social media influencers for initiating this change! All thanks to social media!! “Feel proud to be a plus size woman”. “Feel proud to be a customer of LovelyWholesale.” Because LovelyWholesale understands the importance of body positivity. It’s the platform where all types of body sizes are embraced. Plus-size women can buy quality clothes of their choice from the LovelyWholesale platform. That too at bank-balanced rates using LovelyWholesale promo codes. Hurry up!! 

  1. Inclusion – A mandatory concept!

Before, society was very discriminative. There were some standards set by society. And if one doesn’t fall into that standard, then he was made to look down upon. A plus-size woman was always mocked and insulted for her body weight. She always felt that she was unfit. But with time plus size women are becoming aware of the concept of “body positivity.” Everyone is becoming aware. That’s the reason why “inclusion” has become a mandatory concept. Especially for the millennial “inclusion” has become a hallmark culture. And the Gen Z population is also following the same culture. That means inclusion is in high demand. Hence the fashion industry is also becoming inclusive enough. Plus-size fashion which was once looked down upon is now being valued. The fashion industry is catering to the needs of plus-size women. The demand for plus-size clothes is also increasing. And hence more and more plus-size fashionable clothes are being made available. In short, the plus-size fashion industry is becoming popular. LovelyWholesale houses varieties of fashionable clothes for plus-size women. They can buy them at pocket-friendly rates using LovelyWholesale coupons. 

  1. Fashion Involvement – is high:

The reason why the plus-size fashion industry is getting bigger is the demand for it. Plus-size garments are being purchased in large numbers. That is, there is an increase in sales of plus-size clothes. And hence more and more high fashion brands are entering the plus-size fashion sector. And more and more involvement of high fashion brands means incredible trends in plus-size fashion. Plus-size garments are becoming trendy too! Isn’t it amazing? Before it was the era of thin models. But now, plus-size models are also becoming the face of 

the modelling industry. They are sealing the spots on top magazine covers and fashion shows. In short, plus-size models are challenging the conventional beauty norms set by society. That’s a positive change!! LovelyWholesale embraces this positive change. Plus-size women can buy anything of their choice using LovelyWholesale coupon codes
Challenging stereotypes have become the new normal. Be it challenging gender stereotypes or body stereotypes. In the past, plus-size women have been subjected to body shaming. But today plus-size women are raising their voices against it. Instead of being embarrassed by their body size, they are flaunting it. That’s a positive change!! Today the plus-size fashion industry is booming like anything. The demand for plus-size garments is also increasing. That is why LovelyWholesale has made available various types of plus-size garments at affordable rates. Plus-size women can buy clothes using LovelyWholesale discount codes and save some money. What should be said about the LovelyWholesale offers? There are many!!

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