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by Uneeb Khan

largest crypto asset managers The asset management industry is estimated to be about $7 trillion. In the last 30 years, there have been large, liquid, sophisticated investors placing large amounts of capital into the asset management business, to build high yielding assets. If there is indeed a large, liquid, crypto driven investment bubble, many investors will be expected to throw large amounts of capital into the asset management industry, to build up crypto portfolios. In fact, the largest holders of crypto assets, crypto managers, could end up being the largest fund managers in the financial world. Due to the growth of crypto assets, it is anticipated that approximately 40-60% of the global financial industry will be dealing with crypto assets, in some shape or form, in the years ahead. Perhaps some managers could prove themselves to be some of the biggest asset managers in the world, with assets over $2 trillion. The process of entering this industry as a fund manager would be highly competitive, as more than 200 fund managers are involved in the sector. However, it would appear that some would be on the right track to becoming large crypto asset managers. The aforementioned asset managers include the top firms in the world, including: The three largest hedge funds in the world are: Bahn & Foltz Hayes Fund Management Kabarton Holdings Investors with large amounts of assets to invest, would be expected to invest in the cryptocurrency market, because of the potential returns. This represents a significant growth opportunity for a wide range of financial institutions, such as the world’s largest asset managers. The above portfolio managers may very well be on the road to becoming the largest fund managers in the world, due to the projected growth of crypto assets. These investment funds do not have financial products to sell, but rather facilitate investors to invest in crypto assets, by providing asset management services, such as portfolio management, and providing asset allocation. In the case of a crypto bubble, asset management companies would be well positioned to add large amounts of assets to their portfolio. Other large asset managers, such as Vanguard and BlackRock may also appear to have substantial growth potential, with their large amounts of assets. If crypto assets represent a large asset bubble, and these large asset managers manage a significant amount of crypto assets, they could be on the road to being the largest asset managers in the world. The largest crypto asset managers would also benefit from this expansion, due to their market position. Another large asset manager, would be a crypto hedge fund manager, who would be able to provide cryptocurrencies with institutional funds, due to their high exposure to cryptocurrencies. Crypto Hedge Funds Some bitcoin hedge funds could grow to become the largest in the world, when compared with other hedge funds. Although the growth of bitcoin, has been relatively slow.https://techvilly.com

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