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LANAP Periodontist | What Are the Advantages of LANAP in Periodontics?

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The laser-assisted new attachment technique (LANAP) is a periodontics therapy used to remove infected oral tissues, repair loose teeth, eliminate bacteria, and remove tartar from the gumline. Dental experts choose LANAP over traditional surgery as the primary treatment option for gum disease. Patients who use LANAP periodontist near me should expect faster healing times and more reliable outcomes.

The Advantages of LANAP

Periodontics has experienced several technological advances, particularly in developing dental lasers. The goal of LANAP was to improve the patient’s treatment experience and accuracy. Dentists can precisely remove bacteria from deep gum pockets using the PerioLase┬« MVP-7TM dental laser’s precise wavelength without causing damage to healthy gum tissues.

The laser halts periodontal disease, stimulating gum regeneration and healing. Furthermore, this treatment is less invasive than traditional surgery because no incisions or sutures are required. As a result, patients experience less discomfort throughout the procedure and require less downtime to resume their everyday routines.

Not only that, but

Gum tissue reattachment and new bone formation are critical for effectively treating gum disease. Dentists frequently have to conduct grafts to repair infected and damaged bone and gum tissues removed during the process. This demands many procedures and significantly lengthens treatment periods.

Because of the accuracy provided by LANAP, a cosmetic dentist can remove the least amount of tissue necessary to treat the periodontal infection and clean existing germs while avoiding the need for grafts. The laser radiation also boosts the body’s ability to produce new bone and creates an environment where tissues can reconnect to the tooth. As a result, LANAP patients are likely to have fewer recurrences of gum disease over time.

The following are some additional advantages of adopting LANAP in periodontics.

Minimal or no gum recession: Because the technique does not include cutting gum tissues, there is a lesser likelihood of recession, keeping the patient’s smile’s beauty.

Gum irritation and bleeding are kept to a minimum:

PerioLase is designed to kill inflammatory bacteria while leaving healthy tissue alone. In addition, the laser cauterizes the blood vessels surrounding the region, preventing or minimizing bleeding.

Helps to save loose teeth:

Patients can significantly save their natural teeth using LANAP if they have loosened owing to periodontal disease and cannot be salvaged with traditional therapies.

Most patients are safe:

Patients with diabetes, bleeding disorders, hemophilia, HIV, or those using Plavix or aspirin can all benefit from LANAP. The process is less invasive for them than traditional periodontal treatments. LANAP is usually appropriate for any patient who has inflammatory gum disease.

Lower chance of post-operative infection:

Patients may be in danger of reinfection if bacteria are not removed adequately during gum surgery, especially if incisions are made. LANAP considerably minimizes this risk.

Fewer side effects:

With LANAP, patients have less discomfort, edema, sensitivity, and gum loss.

Appealing in appearance:

Because LANAP is minimally invasive, utilizing it for treatment should not cause gum damage.

To summarize

LANAP is a less invasive therapy frequently favored over traditional treatment in periodontics. Contact a cosmetic dentist to learn more about LANAP if you want to save your smile and restore the health of your gums.

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