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Is it possible to have a healthy pregnancy with hypertension?

by Uneeb Khan
Healthy Pregnancy with Hypertension

Here is what you must know about blood pressure:

Hypertension in pregnancy is usually a common medical problem that gets resolved after the baby’s birth. In a few cases, it can lead to a condition called pre-eclampsia. 

Blood pressure measures the force your blood presses against the vessel walls.

Two numbers typically represent it:

  • The top number (systolic) represents the heart’s pumping pressure.
  • Diastolic pressure is the pressure between each heartbeat

.Blood pressure is deemed high during pregnancy if the top is at least 140 or the bottom is at least 90 (defined as “140 over 90”). 

Different types of hypertension during pregnancy:

There are three types of hypertension in pregnancy during pregnancy:

Chronic hypertension:

This is when your blood pressure was already high before you got pregnant. Chronic hypertension also includes finding out you have high blood pressure in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Some pregnant people with high blood pressure all the time can get pre-eclampsia.

Pregnancy-induced hypertension:

This is considered high blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy-related hypertension is another name for this condition.


Pre-eclampsia is a serious condition that only happens during pregnancy. It can also hurt the kidneys, liver, blood, and brain and cause high blood pressure.

The risk factors for hypertension during pregnancy are:

High blood pressure can happen to anyone during pregnancy, but you are more likely to get it if:

  • You have experienced pre-eclampsia before
  • Your close have had pre-eclampsia
  • You suffer from a medical ailment such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
  • You are older than forty years.
  • You are obese
  • You have more than one baby

Despite the risk factors, management of hypertension in pregnancy is important to avoid complications that follow throughout the pregnancy. 

How can hypertension affect the baby?

Hypertension in pregnancy can prevent the blood from flowing to the placenta. This can result in depriving the baby of getting the needed nutrients or oxygen, which is why when hypertension during pregnancy is not treated at the right time can lead to serious complications like,

  • Low birth weight
  • Preterm labour or premature birth
  • Placenta abruption
  • Stillbirth

For this reason, getting properly treated for hypertension is important. 

How is hypertension during normal time different from hypertension during pregnancy?

When you’re pregnant, high blood pressure has different effects on your body than when you’re not pregnant. During pregnancy, your heart has to pump much more blood, making it work harder. This makes your body work harder.

The way the placenta grows and works can also be affected by high blood pressure. This means that the foetus might not get enough food to grow at a normal rate. If you have high blood pressure, you and your baby are more likely to have problems before, during, and after delivery.

Are gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia the same?

No. Gestational hypertension is high blood pressure in the second half of pregnancy but doesn’t hurt your kidneys or make you pee protein. Because this can lead to pre-eclampsia, your doctor will check on your pregnancy more often.

Pre-eclampsia is a serious form of high blood pressure that can happen in the last half of pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia can cause damage to the kidneys, liver, and brain if it is not treated. Pre-eclampsia can also slow the fetus’s growth and make it more likely that the baby won’t live. Seek help from the Best Pregnancy Care Hospital in Coimbatore if you are expecting a child.

Understanding the signs of hypertension during pregnancy:

High blood pressure is commonly referred to as “the silent killer” because most people are unaware that they have high blood pressure. Besides being told by a doctor that your blood pressure is high, here are some other signs:

  • Swelling
  • Headaches 
  • Sudden changes in weight
  • Changes in vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain in the abdomen

Visit the best gynaecology specialist hospital in Coimbatore if you have hypertension symptoms during pregnancy.

The diagnosis of hypertension during pregnancy:

The person caring for you at each prenatal visit checks your blood pressure. During the day, your blood pressure changes, and many things can increase it.

If your usual blood pressure readings change or your blood pressure is higher than usual, your doctor may think you have hypertension. The first step is to check your blood pressure later in the visit when it should be more normal. If your blood pressure doesn’t go back to normal, your doctor may do more tests.

Besides taking more readings of your blood pressure, your doctor may also:

  • Check the proteins in urine
  • Checks for swelling

Is it possible to have a Healthy Pregnancy with Hypertension?

Yes, women with hypertension can have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. But to have a Healthy pregnancy, it is important that hypertension must be treated at a moderate level during the end of pregnancy, as untreated hypertension can result in high levels of blood pressure and severe complications. Also, speak to your specialist to understand Pregnancy Treatment Costs to understand the treatment options better.

The treatment for hypertension in pregnant women:

There are many ways that doctors can treat high blood pressure in pregnant women. Treatment depends on how bad the condition is, how Healthy you are overall, and how far along your pregnancy.

As part of your treatment, your doctor may also recommend the following:

  • Checking the blood pressure at home
  • Prescribed medications to reduce the blood pressure

The goal of treatment is to lower your blood pressure or keep it from worsening and causing hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

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