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How To Repel Raccoons From Your Home

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Raccoons are a species of animal that prefers to reside near pools of water in hollow logs or trees. These urban scavengers are ravenously hungry and consume nearly anything. Raccoons can be a severe problem in your yard or home. They have a reputation for causing havoc. Raccoon control toronto helps you to get rid of raccoons.

However, they don’t make the most pleasant home guests. They destroy structures, rummage through the waste, and carry diseases dangerous to humans and animals when they create nests.

Once inside, they will use the bathroom, damage the insulation, and transport several parasites. Instead of the entire roof, they can decide to reside in your chimney, crawl space, under your deck, or on your porch.

How can you prevent racoons from entering your home?

Removing food sources is the first stage in raccoon control management. Raccoon populations can grow quickly and get very big in urban and suburban environments, partly because of the abundance of food supplies. Raccoons like to build their nests close to potential living areas where they may quickly access food.

A single homeowner may find it impossible to resolve the raccoon problem if they live in a heavily populated region with a known issue. In these circumstances, a team effort is necessary to develop a solution. Because of this, it’s critical to discover it quickly.

The worst that can happen when raccoons frequent your property is that they enter your home and remain there. However, by putting the following into practice, you can take some preventative and controlling measures to safeguard your property and keep raccoons away:

1. Sealing entrances

All potential entry points into your home should be covered or sealed for canines or cats, that includes doors and vents. Walk around your home and search for any openings a raccoon could squeeze through (if a cat could fit through it, a raccoon could, too). Always shut any windows and the garage door before retiring to bed.

2. Secure the chimney.

A house’s chimney is one of the most frequent access places for raccoons. Therefore, as soon as you move into a new home, we strongly suggest closing off any disused chimneys. You might save money on heating and cooling costs year-round and keep pests and unwanted animals out of your house by capping your chimney. 

3. Utilize mothballs

Homeowners already frequently use mothballs to keep insects and rodents away. Raccoons are also impacted by it, and they dislike it a lot. Place some mothballs in the raccoons’ entryways to scare them away and get them out of the house.

4. Make use of Garlic

Garlic is another powerful natural deterrent that you can employ because raccoons dislike the smell. Sprinkle crushed garlic bulbs, cloves, and chilli powder on the garden or roof. The raccoons attempt to escape it when they come into contact with it.

5. Raccoon repellents

Raccoons were temporarily deterred from specified areas, things, and surfaces with a repellent. Spread fine-grained repellents to establish a barrier around specific places. Spray liquid repellents onto items like garbage cans and bird feeders for a more concentrated form of defence.

6. Consider using an ultrasonic repellant.

If you want to get rid of raccoons without harming them, you could wish to get an ultrasound animal repeller. These creatures will try to flee if there are unexpected, loud noises.

Prerecorded animal distress calls and predator hunting noises are two examples of sounds that some products emit but only certain animals can hear.

7. Remove bridges

Raccoons can climb large nearby trees or poles and use them as a bridge to reach your roof or even your house. Maintaining big tree branches pruned is crucial, so they don’t dangle over the roof is crucial. There shouldn’t be a trail from the ground up to your roof.

8. Keep your trash secure

The primary motivation for a raccoon to access your property is to find food. The main supply source will be your trash can. To keep raccoons away, make your trash can inaccessible. Even when it needs to be taken out, keep it shut. To keep the cover in place, add a cinder block underneath.

9. Use repulsive smells to drive them away

Raccoons hunt for food using their keen sense of smell. Certain odours can successfully repel them. Place something spicy in and around your attic or under the chimney to entice them out of the house. Raccoons dislike the scent of ammonia in particular. To scare the raccoons away from your home, try throwing ammonia in a bowl or using a rag coated with ammonia.


You can capture and remove them from your home or yard without hurting them. Raccoons can get aggressive when agitated, so it would be better if you never attempted to handle live trapping. You can also take help from pest control services toronto. Contact an organisation that specialises in animal control or pest control Toronto exterminators.

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