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How to Pack Breakables things for Moving

by Uneeb Khan

It can be hard to move things that are fragile. When dealing with fragile things, you have to be patient. You need to pack with the right supplies and hire the right people to help you move. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to move everything without breaking anything.

First, figure out what packing materials you will need. You can usually find these things in the stores around the corner. If you can’t find the exact things, you can use something else that will still get the job done.


Always remember to put enough tape on the bottom of the box before you put things in it. The best way is to use straps. For example, glassware is so heavy that if you aren’t careful with how you pack it, you might break everything when you lift the carton. To be safe, use straps and always pick up the carton from the bottom or get the help of professional Movers.


When moving, it’s always better to pack fragile items in a small box than a big one. If you put things in a small box, there won’t be any room for them to move. When you pack something in a small carton, it’s easy to move and because there’s no space between the items, they won’t bump into each other like they would in a bigger box. A small heavy box is always much easier to lift than a big one according to movers and packers Company.


After you’re done packing, make sure the box is marked with a “fragile” or “glass” label. Clear labels will let the person picking them up know that they contain glass that needs to be handled carefully. If you can’t find the fragile stickers, it shouldn’t bother you. That’s when our maker comes in handy. You can write on the box with a marker and make sure it’s easy for anyone who might help you to see. You can still tell them what’s inside and give them some instructions.

Take Your Time

When moving, it’s easy to want to hurry to get everything done. But it’s especially important to take your time and pay attention when packing fragile items. If you move more slowly, you won’t be tempted to take short cuts or make mistakes that will cost you on moving day.

Packing material should be used to cover the bottom of the box.

You can cushion the bottom of the box with packing paper, bubble wrap, foam, Styrofoam peanuts, or even towels. Then, once everything is in, fill in any spaces that are left.

Think about the weight

Even if your collection is very big or has a lot of heavy things, the same basic rules apply.

But you also need to think about how much each item weighs. It will be tempting to save money on boxes by putting as much as possible in each one. But if your boxes are too heavy, your collectibles might not arrive safely.

Putting together a moving box for electronics

All of the aforementioned rules also apply to electronic devices like toasters, computers, and other home appliances. Make sure you pack them in smaller boxes and use plenty of padding to prevent damage during shipping.

Taking care when packing fragile furniture

Moving large, heavy items like wardrobes or pianos can be especially challenging when dealing with fragile or antique furniture. Specifically, here’s what you do:

Your furniture will be safer and easier to move if you disassemble it into the smallest pieces possible.

After you’ve given everything a good cleaning, wrap your fragile furniture in to protect it from getting dented or scratched. If possible, you should take off any glass or other breakable covers or parts and then wrap them in bubble wrap and tape them shut.

Have you considered renting a self-storage unit to put your extra furniture? If you need more information about how to properly store your furniture, check out our comprehensive guide.

Anticipate environmental changes

If you are moving overseas, you should know that humidity and changes in the environment could damage your things while they are being moved.

Putting insulation paper or bubble wrap on the inside of your boxes will prevent moisture from getting to your fragile items. If you put fragile things in a box that is too heavy, it will be hard to carry. This extra weight will then make it more likely that boxes will fall, which could damage your valuable things. Or, if you keep straining, it could cause you to hurt your back.

When dealing with fragile things, padding should be the first thing you do before you think about anything else. Before you pack the items, you should put a soft foam or a towel at the bottom of the box. When everything is packed, if there is still space in the box or carton, you can fill it with packing peanuts or foam padding.


It’s best to wrap each item separately in bubble wrap and tape it shut. If you are running out of packing supplies, you can put them all together and pack them. Putting each item in its own box keeps it safe and makes it easy to take out a specific item if you need to.

If these tips for packing your fragile items sound too hard, just give Megan’s Moving a call. As a white-glove moving company, we can make sure that your most fragile items are safe during your move. With our full-service moving, we pack, move, and unpack your entire home so you don’t have to do anything.

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