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How To Make A Commercial Real Estate Contract in Florida

by Uneeb Khan
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When you work as a real estate agent, you are forced to know the market and the properties you sell. You should know different procedures and legal documents, such as the format.

Today, we tell you what this commercial real estate contract in Florida is, what it is for, and how the format is made.

What is a commercial real estate contract in Florida format like?

The Florida commercial real estate contract format is a document with legal validity through which you formalize the sale of a property. This declares essential aspects for the sale of real estate, such as the description of the property. The information of the buyer, the seller’s price, and the payment method.

This document can be used to sell different types of real estates, such as apartments, houses, offices, or land.

The format of commercial real estate contract in Florida is applicable for different modes of payment. Whether the total payment of the property is going to be generated at the time of its signature. That an installment payment is agreed upon with dates stipulated in this document. That the payment is made with a credit granted by a financial entity.

Why is a commercial real estate contract in Florida format made?

Buyer and seller agree on a commercial Florida real estate contract. All this, to leave clarity and legal guarantees on the fulfillment of the commitments acquired both from the seller to deliver. The real estate in a pristine state and following the characteristics. It offers and from the seller for payment under the conditions and price agreed in the business transaction.

In the case of being you as a real estate agent who registers as a seller, you must add particular obligations, such as the guarantee policy on the property. Additionally, the Florida real estate contract establishes the clauses on the penalties for non-compliance. It is obligatory to return the money to the buyer in case of irregularities regarding the property right of the seller or the property characteristics.

In the case of the buyer, penalties can also be established for non-compliance in the amount or payment terms, if any.

How do I make a contract format for a commercial real estate contract in Florida?

Currently, you can download different formats applicable to selling real estate for each country or region. However, in general, you must take into account some essential steps to carry out correctly and under the law.

Make your customers have a suitable sales format.

Step 1: Download the format

Identify the format best suits the property to be marketed (house, apartment, a lot.).

Step 2: The documents and data

It is necessary to have the seller, buyer, and real estate data, such as property deeds and identification documents (whether a natural person, company or entity) of the seller and buyer).

Step 3: Registration of information

Keep in mind that you have agreed on all the information about the payment, and the delivery of the property. And the clauses to proceed with completing the sales contract format, either in digital or physical media.

Step 4: Signatures

The commercial real estate contract in Florida becomes valid with the signature. Both parties are the seller, and the buyer. Must sign each sheet or page of the format to establish the legal commitment in each part of the contract.

This signature must be accompanied by the full name of the legal representative (if one of the parties is a company or entity) or natural person. Additionally, thumb or forefinger fingerprints must be added.

Step 5: Copies

Remember to make a copy of the complete format for each part and verify that all of them are signed for their legal validity.

Step 6: Legal entities

Keep in mind that the presence of a notary is necessary, and in some cases. A lawyer to advise you and verify the process of signing the commercial real estate contract in Florida.

Of course, it is essential in a contract to specify the contract date and obtain both parties’ signatures. Finally, it is essential to have a lease; this must meet the points mentioned above to establish both parties’ responsibilities.

Remember that there are always aspects that can be negotiated with the owner. Such as the rental price, the annual increase, and some general expenses.


The Florida commercial real estate contract format is one of the legal documents that every real estate agent and the person who buys or sells a property must know.

Knowing what it is, what it is for, how to fill it out, and its structure is vital to avoid future litigation and guarantee. That the commercial transaction of the different types of real estate is carried out with guarantees and successfully.

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