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How to keep the toilets of your offices clean

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How to keep the toilets of your offices clean?

Public restrooms are often seen as breeding grounds for bacteria and other hygienically undesirable trappings. In reality, a toilet is like any other room in your office or living space: it just needs to be kept clean as you go. But just like any staff or conference room, keeping restrooms clean is part of the duties deployed by commercial housekeeping professionals.

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Good toilet cleaning involves setting clear hygienic standards and then establishing a system that upholds them. Whether your in-house maintenance staff develops this system or contracted out to a cleaning company such as SCS Group Integrated Services. It should cover the important points about restroom cleanliness to promote a pleasant restroom experience for your staff and customers.

The essentials for cleaning your toilet

A common misconception about the cleanliness of public restrooms is, “if they’re good enough for home, they’re good enough for the office.” The truth, however, is that private and public toilets are two very different things. The care needed for the bathroom at home is very different from the care needed in public restrooms.

Domestic bathrooms are designed to accommodate a small circle of relatives and friends, while industrial toilets are designed to accommodate a large number of strangers. In order for public toilets to be clean and hygienic and not just look neat, much more complex cleaning procedures with suitable chemicals are required.

Damage to your toilet

To meet washroom hygiene standards according to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). Here is an example of some vital areas that go unnoticed by the amateur eye:

  • Mirrors and metal fixtures (faucets, hand dryers) should be free of dirt, marks, fingerprints, oils, or any other residue that can harbor common bacteria.
  • Doors, door handles, walls, and ceilings are free of dirt, water marks, graffiti, or any other residue.
  • The toilet paper dispensers are properly filled.
  • Sinks, toilet bowls, and urinals are clean, dry, and free of any dirt or body fluids. Also, remember to flush the toilet.
  • Floor drains are free of lint, dirt, mop fringe, etc.
  • The floors are clean, non-slip, and free of any kind of residue buildup.
  • Air vents are clean and free of lint or other types of residue
  • Sills and other horizontal surfaces are free of dirt or residue.
  • Trash bags have been properly removed from the container, properly disposed of, or recently replaced.
  • Unpleasant odors are not present in the air.

To learn more about the impact of the deterioration of your toilets, read our article: Employee toilets, why do they matter?

News to keep the toilets clean

Being aware of often overlooked problem areas in toilets is important, but developing a toilet cleaning program that will deal with them properly is better. Professional cleaning companies like SCS Group Integrated Services can help you identify your specific restroom cleaning needs, develop a plan that meets those needs, and then implement that plan going forward. 

While it’s not the first stop on any office visit, a restroom that doesn’t just look clean and fresh leaves a bad impression. In order to keep restrooms clean, familiarize yourself with the specific needs of your restrooms and hire the right cleaning professional who will take care of everything! For superior quality cleaning by SCS Group Integrated Services and Cleaning, you can request a free estimate now for your business.

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